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This is a true story which happened to one of my friend.I am writing it in first person cause i like it that way.Please leave behind comments after reading this story .
After eating Rachael's pussy the other day i had mixed feelings.Although,the pussy eating made me really horny and i had to jerk off three times that day before i could force myself to sleep,i couldn't help but think that what happened between us was wrong.I was feeling guilt ridden and tried my best to avoid Rachael.While Rachael on the other hand had grown more fond of me,atleast it appeared that way.She would text me more regularly and would strive to make a conversation every time she saw me.I ignored her texts and when faced with her,i usually ran away making silly excuses.This went on for about two weeks until one day i found Rachael in my bedroom.

I lived with my mom and she usually returned from work pretty late at night.So,i was alone at my house.Rachael had told her parent's that she was going to ask me to help her with some school project.I had avoided Rachael for the past two weeks very successfully but now that i was confronted with her in my bedroom,i couldn't find any escape route.Dressed in a jeans and a loose shirt Rachael entered my room and sat on the bed.I was watching a movie on Netflix when she entered,she smiled at me and i smiled back.Rachael said"what's up??". "Nothing much,just watching this movie"I replied.I didn't paid much attention to her and kept on watching my movie.Rachael came and sat on the corner of the bed.I was watching her through the corner of my eyes and my mind was suddenly flooded with thoughts of our oral sex session.I was trying hard to concentrate on my movie and ignore my growing hard on when i heard Rachael's voice "hey ,Calvin " .I lifted my head to meet Rachael's bespectacled eyes and said "ya ".
"Why have you been ignoring me?" Rachael inquired
I knew inspite of my best efforts to ignore her someday she would ask me this question and i was not prepared with an answer.I just hung my head low like some thief who was caught red-handed.Rachael spoke again "Are you ashamed that you did oral with me?",there was a catch in her throat as she spoke that.

I hadn't expected Rachael would take this whole ignoring thing this way so i spoke to clear myself"NO!i am not ashamed of anything".Rachael turned her head to meet my eyes and said "then, why have you been ignoring me??"."'s just that i have always thought of you as my younger sister and what happened that day is making me feel guilty.I am not embarassed at giving oral to you,don't think like that for one moment ".I replied

Rachael stood up from the bed,preparing to leave the room and said "I am sorry,it's all my mistake.I asked you to do that and now you are feeling guilty just because of me but it's just that...ugh...never mind,i am really sorry".Rachael turned to leave when i interrupted her "wait,Rachael.what were you saying?".
Rachael gulped hard and spoke"look i let my cousin fuck me because i didn't think anyone else would ever have sex with me and he just uses me like a sex toy.He pleasures himself in any way he finds befitting not bothered about my needs.You are so different.When you kissed me,i felt like a girl for the first time in my life and when you said 'i am beautiful ' i actually believed you.But it's fine now,i do understand now you were just trying to help me...Sorry again,i won't bother you again ".I jumped from my bed in front of Rachael,removed her spectacles,looked deep into her eyes and said"I meant everything i said.You are beautiful and ever since that day,now i know you have a great body too ".Rachael flushed red at my words.I took her face in my hands and kissed softly on her lips.

A tear ran down her left cheek,i wiped it with my hand.Rachael said "make love to me Calvin,make me feel beautiful". My mind couldn't find any reason not to do what she was saying.I kissed her again this time more passionately.I sucked onto her lower lip while holding her by her waist.Her soft lips tasted like strawberry,she might have put on a flavoured lipstick.When she opened her mouth I pushed my tongue inside it.Our tongues were entangled together for what seemed like a really long time.Rachael whimpered softly into my mouth. .I pulled off her shirt and Rachael lifted her hands in air to help me in my endeavour.Rachael was now left in her grey bra which i unclasped soon letting her gorgeous boobs come into view.It was hard to know that Rachael had such gorgeous boobs from over her usual loose fitting shirts but now that her boobs were in all its naked glory,it was a breathtaking view.They were not huge but they were perfectly round and firm.Rachael had pink aerola and on the centre of it,small pink nipples which were inviting me to take them inside my mouth . I got close to her and started kissing all over her neck while my hand fondled her just discovered perfect breasts.Rachael moaned softly,her hands fiddling with my hairs.I kissed over her chest before taking one of her nipple inside my warm mouth,i sucked onto it slowly savouring her taste and making her squirm in pleasure.My hand massaged her other breast,squeezing and pressing it.I tweaked her nipple like it was a door knob making it grow erect.I could feel her other nipple getting erect inside my mouth and i kept on bathing it in my saliva.

I let her nipple slip out of my mouth and repeated the treatment to her other nipple.Rachael was moaning sexily all this while,her hands messing up my hairs.After treating her boobs just the way they deserved,i unbuttoned her jeans.Rachael removed the jeans out of her long smooth legs leaving her just in her panties.The purple panties were the only piece of clothing left on her body..I kissed her again and pushed my hand inside her panties.I wasn't surprised to find her wet.I massaged her pussy with my fingers and rubbed it along her slit.Rachael gasped at the touch.I played with her clit for sometime before breaking up the kiss and pulling down her panties.Rachael lifted her legs to help me make her naked.Once completely naked i picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed.I sat down between her legs and spread her legs apart.

I inserted my index finger inside my mouth making it wet with my saliva before pushing it in her love hole.Rachael whimpered at the intrusion.I pushed my finger deep inside her upto the third knuckle.I stroked her a few times before adding my middle finger inside her.Rachael was now secreting her juices and it helped my fingers in penetrating her.I would curve my fingers upside in search of her g-spot.I would also momentarily stop to tease her clit.I applied pressure on her clit with my thumb,not too much pressure just enough to make Rachael squirm.I have been fingering her for quite some time when i felt Rachael lift her hips.I increased my pace and stroked faster as Rachael's pussy tightened around my finger."ughhhhh...."Rachael cried and my fingers were bathed in her warm juices.I stopped fingering but left my fingers inside her pussy not bothering to pull them out.I pulled my fingers out finally and brought them near Rachael's face."Lick them clean,see how good you taste"I said.Rachael obliged.

I pulled out my fingers from her mouth and positioned myself between her legs.I brought down my head just over her crotch and inhaled the musky smell of her pussy before kissing her.Rachael shuddered at the touch of my mouth over her crotch.I spread her vaginal lips with my fingers and licked her insides."AAAHHH..."she moaned.I started fucking her pussy with my tongue.licking every corner of her sex while my hands rubbed her clit.I pulled out my tongue after several minutes and latched onto her clit.I took it inside my mouth and sucked on it. "ugggghhhh...Calvin ...that feels really good"Rachael groaned. I shoved two of my fingers inside her lovehole and started stroking her again while my mouth was still torturing her clit.When Rachael's pussy tightened the grip on my fingers i pulled them out and shoved my tongue inside her.I don't know if Rachael was aware but her legs were around my shoulders and she was pushing my head onto her crotch.Rachael squirted her juices as she had her second orgasm for the night.I tried to lick as much as of her juices as possible.She tasted even better now.

I got down from the bed and stripped all my cloths becoming completely naked.Rachael had her eyes fixed on me,on my dick to be more exact.My dick was proudly standing.Rachael got down from the bed and sat on her knees.I came close to her and stroked her hairs "You don't necessarily have to do it,you know?"I said.I had never thought i would say something like that,like all the guys on this planet i love getting blowjobs too but i didn't wanted her to think something else."Its okay,i want to.I want to make you feel good,the way you made me feel"Rachael said.With both her hands she took my manhood and stroked it a few times.Rachael kissed on the tip of the head of my cock and then flicked her tongue over it.Oh god,this was going to be good.Slowly,she inserted my cock deeper into her mouth stopping momentarily to relax the muscles.I was stroking her blonde hairs gently and moaning in pleasure when i felt the tip of my cock hit her throat.Damn!she was really good at this.Once i hit her throat,Rachael bobbed her head on my cock making slurping sounds.She fondled my balls as if asking me to shoot my load deep inside her mouth.Rachael had her deep blue eyes transfixed on me and i don't know for some weird reason i found it a really turn on.I was so turned on,i wanted to grab hold of blonde hairs tightly and fuck her mouth but i let her handle it as she was doing pretty good. Suddenly,i felt my balls twitch as i groaned and shot ropes of cumm inside her mouth.I can't remember any other instance when i had shot so much.Rachael drank my cumm like it was her favourite juice,not a single drop wasted.If you have been lucky enough to see it, you will know that for a guy,a girl swallowing her cumm is the sexiest sight possible.

After giving me the best blowjob of my life,Rachael lied down on the bed spread eagle.The sight of such a beautiful girl lying naked with her legs spread gave me an instant hard on.I sat between her legs,took my cock in my hand and rubbed it along her slit.Rachael moaned softly and said"Oh please,stop teasing me i can't take it any longer.Just put it in".Those words put a devilish grin on my face and i shoved my dick inside her.Rachael was so tight,it was almost as if she was still a virgin.Her pussy gripped my cock so tightly it felt as if someone has grabbed it with their hand."UUGGGHHH.."Rachael cried as my cock went deep inside her tearing her pussy.When my balls slapped across her pussy Rachael opened her mouth to gasp and i bit her lower lip.I started fucking her in slow rhythmic motion,"ahhh...ahhh..."Rachael moaned as her hands rubbed the small of my back.I had never fucked such a tight pussy before and i wanted to enjoy this moment as long as i can.So,everytime i felt the pressure insides my balls building i would momentarily stop and just kiss her lips,neck and fondled her boobs.I would gyrate my hips slowly,Rachael tried to move in sync with me.

When i felt Rachael's muscles tightening around my cock,i knew she was near so i stroked her with long powerful strokes.Rachael lifted her pelvis to enable better penetration.Her hands were now on my butt and she was grabbing and squeezing them hard with each stroke."Ughhh...Calvin...aaaahhhh...i am cu... " Rachael could never complete her sentence as a huge orgasm rocked her body. Rachael squirted her warm juices all over my dick.As she bathed my dick in her juices,my balls twitched and i grunted before shooting ropes of cumm inside her womb.I kept on shooting ropes of cumm inside her and even i was suprised by the shear amount of it .As i calmed down from my orgasm,i lifted her chin and our tongues wrestled again.My cock went limp inside her pussy,i broke off the kiss and Rachael was staring into my eyes.She said"thank you".I smiled and said"for what?" "For making love to me"Rachael said."I have been fucked before but what we did right now,i guess this is lovemaking". "You are a beautiful girl Rachael and you deserve to be treated like this."I said.

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I am one lucky man who can be quoted as very rich in attracting girls, particularly at their budding age. My love for cunt juice make them usually mad together with 13" plus cock. Most my cousins, nieces, maids daughters and few married Bhabhis and Aunts are freely helping my desire and open their legs. I feel often to write my stories but I am very poor in writing.

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Fucking terrible grammer!!! Good story though.:)

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My cousin read this story, then got me to read it and about the middle I was starting to drip juices, he began to eat me and I lost count how many times I came in his mouth and then he put a finger in my ass and that really did it, I hope there's more to this story while my cousin is still here.

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