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A horny mom awakens late at night with some frustration to vent.
Disclaimer: This is purely fantasy. I do not advocate anything in my stories, they're simply for my, and now your, reading enjoyment. This is meant to be a short story. Enjoy!


Her eyes fluttered open as she awoke. she sat up slowly, propping herself up on her elbows. Smiling happily as her eyes drifted down to her bare chest, pleased they were still perky at her age. Biting her lip, already feeling that tingling sensation that had awoken her in the first place. Glancing to her side, watching her husband sleeping peacefully. Sara tentatively reached over and brushed her fingers along his hip through the thin sheet covering his body, but all she received was a tired mutter in response. His body turned over and he breathed deeply, clearly still asleep.

Sara sighed softly, deciding to slip a hand down under the sheet between her legs. Already feeling a slight dampness on the front of her cotton panties, her fingers traced along the soft mound formed by her puffy lips under the thin material. A twinge of pleasure shot through her body, causing her nipples to perk up. She wanted so badly to please herself, but ached for something different. Looking over at the clock, a soft grunt of disapproval escaped her lips. It was 3:00 AM, already far too late to stay up teasing. She slipped out of bed and reached for one of her hubby's long t-shirts draped over the nightstand, dropping it over her curvy torso. She crept quietly out of the room, closing the door softly behind her.

Moving down the hallway almost in a daze of lust and sexual frustration, Sara had the kitchen in mind. However, a dim light flickering under her son's bedroom door caught her attention. She wondered if Eric had possibly left the TV on again, as he liked to stay up late and watch those shows she disapproved of. Maybe out of concern, possibly from curiosity, she very quietly turned the knob and cracked open her young son's door.

Her eyes grew wide at the sight before her eyes. There was Eric, her 14 year old son, laying on his bed completely naked. His legs were spread, knees up, feet flat on the bed. One hand gripped his boyhood, the other cupping his large smooth balls. Her jaw dropped as she took it all in, practically licking her lips at the tight, smooth, veiny skin surrounding her shaft. But it was the pair of black panties wrapped around the base of his meat that really interested her. Sara knew those panties; they were hers. She had wondered what happened to them last month, and now she new. They were wrapped around her teenage son's cock.

It was the fingers slipping into her panties that finally drew her out of her stupor. She glanced down, half-surprised to see that they were hers. She shook her head, trying to tell herself that this was wrong, but down they went. Her hand slid inside those cotton panties, gently cupping her soft wet mound. Pressing her palm softly against her sensitive clit, feeling it peek free from its hood. A low gasp let itself out of her mouth, followed by a whimper of pure ecstacy. Her eyes were locked on the hand moving over her son's well-developed dick. It pumped slowly but eagerly, tightly squeezing that thick veiny shaft so that the head swelled and dribbled precum in a steady stream. His hand paused to rub a thumb over the tip.

without thinking, Sara plunged a finger into her wetness. Her other hand quickly reached up to cover her mouth, lest a moan escape and tip off the young boy on display. Even more confusing to Sara, a finger of that second hand slipped into her mouth. She eagerly sucked on it, bobbing her head in rythem with the hand pumping over that smooth cock attached to her own son. Her head spun with dirty, lustful thoughts, all of them so wrong. Yet Sara's hands persisted, nothing to stop their assault on her body. Her knees quivered as she pushed a second finger inside herself, and she leaned against the door jamb to prevent falling to her knees and making noise.

Eric's hand picked up speed, and Sara's did in turn. Her fingers rocked in and out of her pussy, pleasuring her sultry folds in ways only she knew how. The finger in her mouth slipped out, and that hand trailed down her tummy to the edge of the t-shirt, quickly tugging it up to free her pillowy chest. That wet finger brushed over the nipple at its center, sending electricity through her curvy body. She licked the door, lust taking over, eyes moving from his body back to his cock. Her mind screamed that this was as wrong as it could get, but her pussy pushed all that guilt way back and applied its own logic. Her fingers and hands were driven purely by lust, lust for her own teenage son at that.

As she teetered at the edge of orgasm, it was a single phrase that sent her over the edge. Her eyes rolled back as she heard Eric whisper 'I'm cumming, mommy' as thick ropes of cum shot forth from the tip of his cock with more force than she had ever witnessed. Her body spasmed and shook, eyes rolling back as a massive wave of pleasure shook her very being and exploded over the fingers crammed into her tight little pussy. She slumped to the floor as her knees gave out, landing on he soft carped with a thump. She no longer cared, her fingers pistoning in and out of that lovely wet mound over and over in an attempt to extract every ounce of her juices. She gasped and glanced back through the doorway, her worry disappearing as Eric was lost in his own powerful orgasm. Cum covered his hand, balls, stomach, and her own panties wrapped around them. She smiled in secret satisfaction, strangely turned on that she was lusted over by someone so young.

Practically crawling away, Sara pulled her fingers from her body and sucked them clean. She made her way back to her own bedroom, slipping back into bed beside her husband. Mixed feelings filled her head, but the naughty thoughs washed away the guilty ones as she recounted her experience. Reaching over for her phone, she set the alarm to vibrate at 3:00 AM the next morning; in case she was thirsty again.

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2016-09-24 21:21:25
One of the most exciting things I ever witnessed was my son masturbating. He was downstairs and I thought I heard moaning. He was moaning alright. I could not believe what I was seeing (not him masturbating, but the size of his cock!) Oh my was his prick beautiful. My pussy instantly started to drip. I played with my clit and fucked myself with two fingers as I watched him stroke off. When he came, so did I and it took everything for me to keep quiet. Over the years I tried to catch him doing that and I got lucky a few times - once even with him cumming in my panties. I now wish I had approached him. I would have loved to suck that monster and swallow my son's hot cum. Okay, I need to masturbate now.

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2016-08-10 00:22:49
Great stories

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2016-08-02 06:52:50
More please!

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2016-07-28 21:29:56
I'm in with the crowd that says more chapters are needed please!

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2016-07-22 02:37:20
I have to agree with the previous person's comments there has to be a second or more chapters to this story. At the least the son should get to fuck his mother. More please. Alex from New Zealand

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