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My first story here - hope you guys like it!
Jake was always an awkward kid. In his late teens, he was skinny, pale, and average looking - not really the kind of guy that girls flocked to. His only semi-redeeming quality is a girthy seven-inch uncut cock that he liked to play with constantly. He was a horny kid, desperately seeking sexual releases whenever possible. Any moment alone would be a chance to masturbate. Whether it was sitting on the couch, or in the bathroom, watching TV, waking up from a nap - his hands would always find their way downward toward his shorts. You could say pulling out his cock to stroke it was his favorite pastime.

When he was 16, he found a stash of dirty mags at the bottom of his parent’s hamper. He was looking for a sweater and thought maybe his mother dropped it in there accidentally. As if he unearthed some hidden treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon, his eyes lit up with excitement. He breezed through the pages, heart racing and cock rock hard, wanting to stroke it but being terrified his parents would walk in on him. Up until that point, Jake’s jerk sessions had been strictly powered by sheer horniness and imagination. But no more – he hit the jackpot, and it changed everything. Jake knew it was just a matter of time. He would finally be alone and fully able to jerk to all those steamy sex pictures unimpeded. He dropped a few loads just on the anticipation alone! A few days later it happened, his parents left on a shopping trip and Jake was left all alone. He knew this was his moment – he made his way to his parent’s room, carrying with him that familiar morning urge to stroke his cock. He finds the hamper and methodically pushes the clothing aside to reach the bottom. But to his dismay, the magazines were GONE! He panicked. Did his parents know? Did he fail to properly cover his tracks? Thoughts raced through his mind, but never mind that now, he was still horny and his focus shifted to finding whatever new hiding spot his parents conceived. This was a temporary setback, but not insurmountable. He started in the closet, which was huge on its own and big enough to fit a bed. As he made his way through clothes, towels, sheets - his cock was stiff with anticipation. Precum was dripping down his shorts and began penetrating the fabric. After about 15 minutes of searching, he found a small key on the top shelf in the closet. He looked below and saw a gray fire safe that sat tightly next to the hamper. Could it be? He put the key in the hole and almost like magic, it opened. Jake took his time, making sure the stacks of paper didn’t get out of sort. He pulled two or three stacks, carefully placing them to the side in order. As he got to the bottom, he was shocked to find no magazines! Defeated and slightly annoyed, Jake knew he was running out of time.

He had resolved to just go back to his room and masturbate to his own thoughts, with his cock now a swollen, throbbing mess. As he started putting the stacks back in the fire safe, an envelope fell out. It was full of pictures. Likely, Jake thought, some old polaroids of his folks when they were kids. As he took them out, he realized the pictures were of his parents having HARDCORE SEX! “What the fuck?!” he thought, but he couldn’t look away! He closely examined each one. His mom blowing his dad. His dad putting his massive cock in his mom - doggy-style! His mom squeezing her huge tits on his dad’s face, while she rode him cowgirl! His mom’s large areolas drenched in cum with an afterglow look on her face! Jake was so fucken turned on he pulled out his sopping precum soaked cock, gripped it tight, and started drubbing it with slow long strokes. Gently pulling the skin back and forth, precum getting into the crevices of his fingers. He pulled the foreskin fully back as he squeezes the head, now flooded in precum. His balls tingled as he sped up and looked at the images of his dad’s cock in his mom’s hairy wet pussy. His muscles start to tense, as he pumps faster and faster - he feels it now, he's going to cum, and cum hard. He positions his cock towards his chest and yells out a large moan as he blasts a torrent of semen that almost hits his adam’s apple. The cum keeps flowing from the tip and runs down his balls as he continues to stroke. Just before it stops, he feels another rush which prompts him to stroke harder, and ANOTHER flash of cum spews out. He moans out in ecstasy, unloading his balls like never before. So much cum all over the place! As he collapses from the frenzy, he ponders how hot that was. No guilt, no shame, no remorse. This was pure sexual rapture. He just stayed there stupid with relief. The euphoria didn’t last long, however, as he hears the garage door open. His parents were home! He quickly takes his shirt off and wipes the cum off his body and hand - his shorts captured most of semen that fell through his crotch. He jolts to frantically put the pictures back in the envelope, trying to remember the order in which they were in. He suddenly hears his mom call him from the kitchen, “Honey, we’re home. Are you awake?” his mom yells. “Yeah, give me a minute.” Jake yells back. He quickly packs the rest of the stacks neatly in the fire safe, shuts the door and places the key back on the top shelf. With his parents rumbling up the stairs, he darts out into his room. He got away with it, he thought! Or did he?

Still breathing heavy from the potent orgasm, Jake walks to the bathroom to take a shower. He hears the garage door open again and figures his parents left to run some other errands. He turns on the water in the shower, but forgot his towel, so he heads back to his room while the water continues to run. He passes his parents room and sees his mother getting undressed by the closet. She stops to reach down to pick something up off floor. It’s a picture! OH SHIT! Jake must have dropped one in the frenzy! She looked longingly at it, as if she’s reminiscing about a long lost time. Jake stared through the cracked door and watched as his mom sat on the bed, his dad gone leaving them alone. Her pants already off, she begins removing her blouse. 10 seconds later, she’s completely naked! Jake couldn’t believe how turned on he was getting. After that huge climax, his cock was once again engorged. Jake’s mom lies back and spreads her legs wide, splitting her pussy lips and rubbing the clit ever so gently. Her massive tits nearly hanging off the side of her body, she plays with her left nipple. Jake reaches for his cock and strokes it quietly. He then hears, “Jake, sweetie – are you coming in here?” JAKE COULDN’T FUCKEN BELIEVE IT! At that point he knew his mom knew! Was it her all along? Did she plant the magazines and pictures to be easily found!?

“Jake, are you watching me? Come in here, I want to see you” she says.

“Mom? Uh I’m sorry, I can't, I'm in towel.” Jake says.

“I know, honey, just come in here.”

Jake reluctantly acquiesces – his cock poking through the towel. His mom grabs his huge shaft and starts to playfully stroke it.

“Did you like seeing the picture of me getting fucked?” she whispers in his ear.

“Yes, mom, I couldn’t help it, I came so much and so hard.” Jake answers.

“Jake, dear, that’s a lot of precum – let me clean that up for you.”

Jake’s mom starts to suck his cock slowly, savoring every drop of precum. She sucks him off using only her mouth, no hands. Jake’s dick bobs back and forth as she swirls it in her mouth. Instinctively, Jake reaches for her tits, and fondles them in the palm of his hands. His mom continues to choke down his man piece like a fucken champ, now going deeper in her throat. Jake’s cock is now bubbling with spit and precum.

“Now sweetheart, take this cock and fuck this hairy pussy!” Jake mom exclaims.

“Yes, mom.” Jake replies.

Jake’s mom lays down on the bed and turns on her side, away from Jake with her ass and pussy towards him. Jake lies on the bed behind her and presses his stiff cock along her ass crack, getting it nice and wet. His mom’s pussy juices were dripping off the side of her inner thigh. Jake continue to press his dick along his mom’s hot ass until he finds her pussy. He pushes it in deep, feeling the foreskin peel back. He then reaches around to squeeze her incredible tits.

“It feels so good, mom” Jake says.

“That’s it.” Jake’s mom utters. “Oh yeah, keep fucking me like that, son.”

Jake’s throbbing seven-inch pole was hitting her g-spot with ease. Jake’s mom is intoxicated with lust. She starts thrashing back and forth.

“Oh yes, Jake, like that, fuck me like that!” She gasps. Jake’s dick is too much for her to take, the heat of fucking her son along with his cock constantly hitting her g-pot made her cum almost instantly.

“Jake, I’m cummming, I’m cummming ahh uuhhhh!!!!”

His mom let’s out a moan. Her pussy oozing with female ejaculation, pulsing with satisfaction. This turns Jake on even more!

“Mom, I don’t know how much longer I can hold back!” Jake yells as he continues to pump.

“Cum for me, baby, cum for mommy! I want you unload all that sperm inside me!” She says.

“You can do it, baby!”

Jake can’t contain the flood anymore, he feels the familiar tremble of an enormous purge. He pulls back one last time, thrust his dick deep in his mom.

“Ahh, mooommm, I’m cummmming, uhhh uhhh, your pussy feels sooo good!”

Jake crumbles on the bed as he inseminates his mom. The cum slowly seeps out of his mom’s pussy as his semi-soft cock continues to move inside her.

“That was amazing.” Jake says.

“Yes, it was. I needed that!” replied his mom.

“Now mommy needs a nap. Go take your shower. We’re going to dinner later.”

As awesome as it was for him, this was his mom’s fantasy. And Jake had a feeling she was just getting started.

Anonymous readerReport 

2017-01-22 09:15:15
Wall of text, need to break it up some. I couldn't read it.


2017-01-20 11:24:24
Yes older, but not gay - 70's porn was a big part of my childhood so I automatically go there. I originally thought of introducing the story as being in the 70's. Good feedback though - I will use it for the next one. Thanks!


2017-01-20 09:34:46
Yes older, but not gay - 70's porn was a big part of my childhood so I automatically go there. I originally thought of introducing the story as being in the 70's. Good feedback though - I will use it for the next one. Thanks!

Anonymous readerReport 

2017-01-19 11:56:51
I'm curious, are you an older gay man who wrote this. They seem to have a foreskin fetish and who has hairy pussies anymore which appeals to much older men. Smooth is pretty much how it is now.
Just curious. Not knocking it as the premise wasn't bad but seemed like instead of foreplay and what not, it went straight to fucking. Didn't buy that part. Keep up the writing though.

And remember paragraphs are your friend.

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