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Part TWO of a series. Please read in order to get the full story.
Chapter two

Brad walked into the small kitchen, and preheated the oven. Cassie joined him in the room as he was taking the lasagna out of the fridge that their Grandma had left them for dinner.

"Want something to drink?" Cassie asked as Brad was unboxing the lasagna.

"Sure, soda is fine." Brad answered back. Cassie got two sodas from the fridge. Handing one to Brad. They both sat down at the table and opened their drinks, sipping at them.

"So. What's the plan for this evening?" Cassie asked between sips.

"Not sure. I finished all my school work for the day so I'm just planning on relaxing. Maybe watch a movie." Brad answered back.

"Yeah, movie sounds good. Can I pick?" Cassie replied.

"Depends what you choose." Brad laughed back. The oven then beeped signaling it was preheated. Brad stood up and put the tray in the oven, setting a timer for 30 minutes.

"How about we each choose a movie and flip a coin?" Brad suggested as he sat back down at the table.

"That's lame! Why don't we play a game or something to decide?" Cassie commented back, acknowledging her competitive nature.

"Like what?" Brad asked intrigued.

Cassie looked as if she was thinking hard.

"What about an arm wrestle? You like physical competition." Brad suggested.

"That would be no fair, you have more upper body strength then me." Cassie replied.

"I don't know. Board game?" Brad asked.

"I don't know..." Cassie replied, still thinking.

"Well what would you prefer?" Brad asked.

"Let me think." Cassie said and sipped her drink again.

There was a few moments of silence as the twins sipped at their sodas.

Cassie let out a muffled giggle.

"What?" Asked Brad.

"Nothing, just reminiscing." Cassie replied with a smile.

"About?" Brad said, urging for more.

"How we used to settle decisions, when we were younger." Cassie said, followed by another sly giggle.

Brad thought for a moment, slightly confused. Then he remembered.

"You mean wrestling?" He asked.

"Yeah. Haha." Cassie laughed.

The twins use to watch pro wrestling entertainment programs with their dad when they were younger and would to act out the sport, and the over-the-top personas that came with it. They would often tussle to settle disputes, never hurting eachother, just in good fun. They both recalled the memories of their childhood. After a few moments Cassie looked Brad in the eye and without words, raised an eyebrow and gave him a look of 'should we?'. Brad took the hint and looked back at her.

"You want to wrestle? We haven't done that in years." Brad huffed with a smile.

"Unless you're a wimpy chicken!" Cassie taunted.

"Oh, yeah, you gonna go there? Better back up that smack talk!" Brad hazed, giving his best smack-talk wrestler impression.

"It's on boy!" Cassie laughed, taking one last gulp. She stood and gave him a light punch in the arm and ran to the living room. Brad laughed and stood up quickly and jogged after her. They arrived in the living room. Cassie pushed the coffee table towards a wall, making space in the centre of the carpeted living room.

"Ok, what's the rules?" Brad asked as he crouched down, imitating stretching and flexing.

"First to pin the other one, shoulder blades down, for 3 a 3-count." Cassie stated.

"Ok! On the count of 3 - 2 -" Brad said before being cut off.

"Ding Ding Ding!" Cassie shouted as she rushed towards him, grabbing Brad's arms, trying to pull him down. Brad placed his hands on Cassie's shoulders and rocked her back. They stood crouched, trying to set eachothers upper bodies off balance. After a moment of laughter and struggling, Cassie dropped her arms and ducked in, wrapping her arms around Brad's waist. Twisting him back and fourth with a strong hug. Her breasts pressed firmly against his hips and crotch area. He crouched lower and thrusted upwardly, causing Cassie to loosen her grip slightly. Brad knelt to one knee and tried to reach under Cassie's arms. But she took her chance and tackled him backwards to the ground. She was low on his body and tried to wiggle upwards to pin him, but he kept his back arched and put his hands on Cassie's shoulders, and with pressure, kept her from being able to climb atop his upper body. They laughed and huffed through their exertion. Being slightly out of breath from the activity and laughing they both started to grunt. Cassie planted her hands and knees on either side of Brad and began to slowly work her way higher on his body. He removed his hands from her shoulders and held her head. Still pushing her down. Now with a strain on her neck, she was forced to move down and now her face was nearing Brad's crotch. Brad let out a grunt, that bordered on more of a deep moan, the position they were in sent shivers up his spine. Cassie moved her head side to side within his grasp, trying to free herself. Brad instinctively, grabbed handfuls of her hair and forced her head to stop shaking and he pushed her further down. Cassie felt Brad grip her hair and she let down her opposition slightly. She was confused as to why it felt good as he held and lightly pulled her hair. She let her head travel down his body a bit. She let her head fall upon his body. She could feel his 'package' with her chin through his jogging pants that he wore. Brad noticed her relaxation and took this as his chance. He twisted his hips forcefully, while tightening his grip on her hair, and was able to flip her to the side. He rolled with her and came to rest atop her. She was on her back, her hands now on Brad's hips as he sat his weight down upon her chest. He released his grip on her hair and put his hands on the front of her shoulders. Cassie realized she had let down her guard and now lay trapped under her brother's weight. Her eyes immediately drawn to his crotch that rested a few inches away from her face.

Brad pushed her shoulders down and started counting loudly, but slowly;

"ONE!" He said through a gritted smile, enjoying the powful mount, sure to himself that he was going to win.

"TWO!", He said, looking down at his sister's face. She transitioned her gaze and looked up to meet his stare. He gave her a cocky grin. Cassie panicked sensing her doom. But not being one to admit defeat, she did the only thing she could think of in her moment of submission.

"AAAANND, THR-" Brad's count was cut short, Cassie had reached up with her hands and pulled the front of his pants down, exposing his cock, only inches from his sister's face. He jumped up and rolled to the side, quickly covering himself up. Cassie quickly rose back to a crouched stand.

"DIDN'T GET THE FULL COUNT!" She taunted through laughter.

"No fair! That's totally cheating!" Brad exclaimed, blushing slightly. Standing straighter with his hands on his hips.

"Wasn't in the rules! It's fair game!" She said, smiling.

Brad huffed, unimpressed and slightly embarrassed.

"You pull my hair, I pants you!" Cassie laughed and gave him a cocky smile.

"We need better rules!" Brad sparked.

Cassie was about to respond when the oven timer started to beep.

"Well dinners ready, rematch after we eat!" Brad said passionately, slightly out of breath, pointing forcefully at his sister.

Cassie agreed and ran to the kitchen. Brad felt embarrassed about his sister seeing him so close. Maybe more so because he felt he was getting a bit horny from the wrestling match. He wasn't sure if his growth was noticable.

Cassie gathered some plates and silverware for dinner. She replayed in her mind what she had seen. She smiled to herself, she had never seen Brad's dick so close. She knew he was a grower but felt like he wasn't fully flaccid by what she saw for that split second. This thought caused small shivers to run up her spine as she pictured the scene.

Brad removed the lasagna and turned the oven off. He cut it into a few squares with a spatula and Cassie brought two plates to him. He dished out about half of the small lasagna and they sat at the table and began to eat.

"So, if you were to win, what movie would you choose?" Brad asked, between bites.

Cassie thought for a moment.

"Probably Starquest." She answered with a mouth half full.

"Ugh, not another SciFi movie. I mean, I love them, but that's all we've been watching in science class at school since Miss.Fuller has been on maturity leave." Brad grumbled.

"Well, it doesn't matter, because WHEN I WIN, we're going to watch Bloodlust." Brad added, his frown turning into a sly grin.

"Hah! When you win? HA!" Cassie laughed sarcastically, tilting her head back as she emphasized her 'ha'.

Brad nodded and chuckled.

"As long as you don't cheat this time!" He said, defensively.

"Rules are rules, that wasn't stated as one." Cassie answered matter-of-factly.

"Well no stripping me then." Brad huffed. He thought about being seen naked and it made him shudder slightly, he actually kinda liked it, he admitted to himself. He felt himself blush slightly.

"Aw, darn!" Cassie said in a sad tone, but emphazed it as a joke. Snapping her fingers as a 'awe shucks'. She secretly was a bit disappointed though. She thought for a moment of how she could get the chance to see him naked and up close again. There was an awkward moment of silence as the twins sat picking at the last of their food. Both were too embarrassed to admit that they liked the 'flash' in their own personal way. Cassie, ussually being the most upfront of the two, and also not liking the awkward silence spoke up.

"You know, the greeks, who invented wrestling, use to wrestle naked." She stated, not sure how Brad would respond.

He froze for a moment, thinking of how to respond intellectually.

"But that was normal back then." He stated plainly. Biting his tongue at his dumbed response.

"Yeah, but what is 'normal'?" Cassie answered rhetorically.

"Normal is just sheltered in my opinion." She added. She had always been a 'free spirit', almost borderline 'hippy'. Not ever really encompassing a 'go-with-the-flow' mentality. She tended to live outside-the-box.

"Sheltered or security? That would be the debate." Brad answered.

"Insecurity." Cassie answered back.

This was followed by silence as both Brad and Cassie thought about the discussion.

"Well the Greeks probably weren't afraid that their grandmother could walk in at anytime." Brad broke the silence. He wasn't trying to make excuses, he was just outweighing the possibilities.

Cassie hung her head a bit lower, agreeing that was a deal breaker. As the twins sat and pictured actually wrestling in the nude, the phone began to rang. Yes, they still had a landline. Brad jumped slightly, breaking out of his trance. He arose slowly. Feeling pressure, he sunk back down and rearranged his slight erection that he didn't even realize he had, probably caused by the conversation and his thoughts. He arranged it as best he could, standing back up and turning quickly so it wasn't noticed. He walked to the phone that hung on the wall. Keeping his back to Cassie, who still sat at the table.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hi... Yeah, yeah... Mhm... good...oh? Ok. Yeah. We're fine. Really? Well ok... Ok love you too, bye." His conversation ended. He turned back around towards Cassie.

"Grandma said someone else called in sick, so she has to stay later. Won't be home til 10 or later." Brad told Cassie.

"So does that mean..?" Cassie asked slowly, trailing off.

"Does that mean what?" Brad asked.

Cassie raised her eyebrows and gave him a 'you-know-what' look. Without consciously realizing she was giving her 'puppy dog eyes'.

"Uh..I don't know..." Brad said reluctantly.

"What's the worst that could happen?" Cassie asked, edging him.

"I could think of a few..." Brad answered nervously. He secretly wanted to try, but wasn't as willing to admit that. Also, he was always more reluctant to try new things then his sister. He knew that, and she knew that. That's why she kept trying to convince him.

"Look, if it gets weird or anything more then just a fun new thing, then we will stop, and never speak of it again." Cassie said, holding up in hand in a pledge, trying to ease Brad's discomfort. She, herself was nervous, but always liked to try new and exciting things.

Brad shrugged, overthinking it all.

"Instead of jumping right into it, why don't we try just switching up our wrestling rules. Like try strip wrestling, first one to get their opponent naked wins!" Cassie suggested.

"Like strip poker, but wrestling?" Brad asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah!" Cassie answered with a smile.

Brad took a deep breath.

"Don't be a wuss!" Cassie edged, knowing he was getting closer to agreeing.

"Oh it's on! I don't want another SciFi movie for awhile!" He broke into a smile. Psycing himself up. Cassie jumped up with a smile. Quickly gathering the dishes up and placing them in the sink. Brad covered up the leftovers, placing it in the fridge, and they made their way back to the living room.

Brad led the way at a steady pace, urging his semi hard dick to calm down. His nerves caused it to shrink, also the fact that a short time ago he had cum pretty hard. He felt a nervous anticipation as to what was to come.

Cassie followed close behind Brad. She smiled to herself as she recalled seeing his semi hard erection when he turned in the kitchen. She got excited at the thought of what is about to happen.

Brad reached the threshold of the living room and stopped. He took a deep breath, almost as if entering the room was the 'point-of-no-return'. Not realizing how close Cassie was behind him.

Cassie halted behind Brad as he stopped in the archway. She quickly swatted his butt and he took a quick step into the room. She darted around him, crossing the room and turning to face her 'opponent'. Brad took a few steps into the room and got ready himself.

"So, first off, how many articles of clothing are you wearing?" Cassie asked.

"Just a shirt and my jogging pants." Brad answered.

"Same. So that's fair." Cassie replied back.

"So we just try to take eachothers clothes off?" Brad asked.

"Yeah. But we can't fix our clothes either. So if they start to come off and we get away, we can't put them back on or pull them up or anything." Cassie explained.

"Ok." Brad agreed.

"Do they have to come off in a specific order?" He asked.

"Um, no. I think anything goes. Should we get a timed break after something officially comes off?" She asked.

"Yeah, maybe treat that like the end of a round. Like one minute?" Brad replied.

"Ok. Sounds good. Any other rules we should add?" Cassie asked.

"Not that I can think off." Brad shrugged, followed by a moment of silence that seemed to last a long time.

"Uhm, well actually, uhh...what if something, um, comes up?" Brad asked nervously.

"Bonus points!" Cassie answered back with a big smile.

"Yeah, easy enough for you to say!" Brad huffed. He started to feel even more reluctant.

Cassie shrugged.

"If it happens, it happens." She said calmly.

"Maybe you can go P.S.E. before the movie." She smiled.

Brad huffed, cracking a smile.

"But seriously. It may happen." Brad reluctantly admitted.

"I swear I won't make a big deal about it." Cassie promised, trying to ease his reluctance. Brad took a deep breath.

"So. Game?" Cassie asked expectantly.

"Ok, here goes." Brad said exhaling deeply.

Cassie smiled.

"Ok. 3-2-1, ding-ding-ding!" Cassie chanted.

Both the twins raised their arms out front in an Olympic style wrestling stance and slowly stepped from side to side crouching. Staring into eachothers eyes. Cassie jolted in a fake lunge. Brad braced until he realized it was a fake out. He snickered and did the same. Just as Cassie relaxed from Brad's fake out, he rushed her quick. She barely had time to plant her feet as he reached around and grabbed at the bottom hem of her shirt. She shook side to side as he crouched before her. She reached over his back and did the same to the back of his shirt. Pulling it upwards like she was trying to 'jersey' him. He sensed he was in a worse position and slid his hands down onto Cassie's hips. He shifted side to side to restrict her freedom on his shirt. He then tucked his thumbs into the waistband of her pants. He nervously fiddled with her hem as she tugged at his shirt. She spread her stance wider making it difficult for Brad to wiggle down her tight leggings. They both laughed within their own struggles. Brad knelt on one knee, struggling to get a grip on Cassie's pants. She was slowly working his shirt upwards. He then used all of his strength to burst upward back to standing up as tall as he could. He held the hem of Cassie's pants tight as he rose. He pulled upwards with all his strength. He gave her a wedgie that put all other wedgies to shame Cassie squealed from surprise. She raised a few inches off the ground as her leggings went rose up tight into the crease of her bum and pussy. She let out another giggled squeal, a mix between pain and delight. She let go of Brad's shirt and gripped his shoulders, trying to escape the pants' suspension. Brad then let go of Cassie's pants, as she fell the few inches that she was lifted, he quickly grabbed the bottom of her shirt and in one swift movement, Brad bowed out of Cassie's hold on his shoulders and with her imbalance he pulled her shirt over and off her body as he stepped backwards. Cassie quickly regained her footing, but realized Brad was victorious in removing her shirt. She looked up and instinctively covered her chest with her arms folded infront of her. She looked towards Brad as he twirled her shirt above his head as he laughed proudly.

Brad spun the shirt around above his head and tossed it off to the side. He watched the shirt fall to the floor and returned his glance towards Cassie. Now, he had seen her topless many times, but this time it was different. She blushed and crossed her arms infront of her. Her face was flushed red and she breathed heavily. Brad felt a surge of pleasure shoot through his body. He felt empowered that he accomplished the first 'point' in their wrestling game. But as he looked at his sister he also realized this is the first time he had taken off her clothes, other then in his imagination. He desperately wanted to see her boobs that hid behind her folded arms. He actually craved the sight, like he'd never seen them before.

"You gonna fight with your arms crossed?" He gawked.

"I got a minute to recuperate." She exclaimed.

"Ok, ok. I'll just stand over here and congratulate myself." Brad laughed, surprising himself with his new found proud and outspoken nature.

Cassie scowled and then transitioned to a shy smile.

Cassie felt funny. She wasn't really sure how to comprehend the situation. She wasn't shy with her body around her brother, but something about them wrestling and him taking her clothes off forcefully, made her tingle. All over. She covered her breasts not out of shame, but because her nipples stood erect. She had all the same feelings of being turned on, but more emphasized. Now all she wanted was to rip off Brad's pants. She felt motivated. Her energy restored. She had a goal.

Brad saw her expression change pretty drastically. She had a very serious tone to her face.

"You ok?" He asked nervously, thinking she didn't want to continue.

"Oh yeah, I just gotta step up my game for round two." She said, in a very menicing way. She slowly lowered her arms, revealing her breasts.

Brad's eyes widened as he stared directly at her chest. Her nipples stood out proudly. Her larger boobs swayed slightly.

Cassie saw Brad's focus and took advantage of it.

"Go!" She shouted, and rushed in quickly. She went straight for Brad's pants.

Cassie ducked low and grasped Brad's waistband and she started to tug. Brad was caught of guard by her new vigor. He tried to pull his hips back in a sad attempt to dodge. Cassie pursued and put more of her weight against him. Brad stumbled back and fell into his back. Cassie leapt on top of him. She jumped too far though and landed far up his body, unable to pull on his pants at this position. She tried to maneuver down. She sat upon his lap in a 'cowgirl' position. She kept her weight planted as she tried to work her body down. She could feel Brad's dick and balls in his jogging pants as her own crotch was ground against him. Brad started to convulse, attempting to escape her mount. His hips bucked feverishly as he lay trapped beneath her. He watched Cassie's breasts swing and sway above him, as they both writhed around. He could feel the pressure on his dick and he urged it to calm, but to no avail, and he felt his dick swell slightly from the friction.

Brad grunted as he tried to buck his sister off of him, fearing she'd feel his growing member.

Cassie felt a shiver run up her spine as she held Brad down, he grunted beneath her and she let some grunts and moans escape her aswell. She could feel his dick clearly now as she ground deep upon him. She let small gasps escape her mouth as she breathed deep within the struggle. Enjoying the feeling of his growing manhood.

Brad clenched his teeth, as Cassie gasped and moaned, he knew if he didn't free himself soon, he'd spring a full boner. Everytime he bucked or shifted to try and free himself, he felt his dick swell more. He then attempted to just slide out from under her, instead of thrusting. He started to pull out but his pants didn't come with him. He could feel the waistband slide down, revealing his pubic mound.

Cassie looked down at Brad's lower stomach as he tried to slide out from under her. She kept her legs tight around his, she noticed his pants lower and some skin from his shaved mound peek out into view. She let out a small moan, and swiftly hopped down, freeing Brad's legs, Cassie reached and grasped his pants and slid them down, she stood up and pulled them the rest of the way off, in a swift movement, as Brad squirmed on the floor. His semi hard dick sprang up and slapped down on his stomach. Even not at full mast, he had grown quite a bit. Brad flipped over to the side, moreso on his stomach. Cassie now looked at his firm butt. The way it curved around his body and she saw a peek of his testicles from below.

Brad felt a shock of nervousness shoot through him. He felt like he should be more embarrassed and shy, but he felt somewhat good about his dick being revealed before his sister, and having her be the one who fought to reveal it. He shuddered with excitement, but didn't want to let on how much he actually liked it.

"Woo-hoo!" Cassie cheered, tossing Brad's pants to the other side of the room. She let out a celebratory grunt and thrust.

"Aw! Why so shy now?" Cassie mocked, as Brad still lay mostly on his stomach.

A smile grew on Brad's face as he felt the urge to flaunt himself before her. He stood up and spun around quickly, allowing his semi hard dick to bounce and wag as it defied gravity.

"I ain't ashamed!" Brad sassed back in regards to Cassie's taunts. Cassie looked directly at Brad's dick as it bounced and her smile grew brightly. Her eyes widened. She caught herself biting her bottom lip. She let a small moan out. Barely audible to her, she didn't think Brad heard.

Brad heard Cassie moan quietly as she stared unashamedly at his cock. He smiled knowing how enticed she was, as he made no effort to hide himself. He did a small thrust, as he readjusted his footing.

"Round 3?" Brad asked with a smirk.

Cassie was summoned back from her trance.

"Do or die time." She responded intimidatingly. Looking up to his face. They both gave their best sly smiles.

"Ding ding ding!" Brad exclaimed. This time they were cautious about their advances. Brad faked out a few times. Cassie burst into a giggly laughter.

"What's so funny?" Brad asked in a deep voice.

"Oh nothing, just very distracting." Cassie giggled, as she still crouched and kept her wrestling stance.

Brad saw her eyes dart down to his exposed dick. He smiled at the attention and thought he could use it to his advantage. He began to sway his hips and thrust slowly, his dick softened a bit so it swayed before him. He noticed that Cassie's eyes seemed to look longer and more often towards his genitals. He crept his way closer towards her as she continued to look him up and down. Once he was a few feet away, he ducked low and reached towards his sister's pants. He stumbled forward and took a knee. Cassie was able to step to the side but as his hand made contact with her pants she tripped forward. Cassie fell and came to rest on her stomach and Brad knelt to her side, trying to reach for her waistband. Cassie turned her head to the side and was only a few inches away from Brad's dick. Her eyes widened and her mouth watered at the sight so close. She turned to her side and Brad got ahold of her pants. He started to pull at them and Cassie squirmed onto her back. Brad knelt up and got better access to her pants hem. Cassie wrapped her arms around Brad's leg as he knelt beside her. She wrestled it back and fourth, causing Brad to struggle getting her pants down. Cassie laughed within the embrace. She moved her arms up to his thigh and her forearm brushed his smooth balls that hung down between his open legs.

Brad shuddered and felt goosebumps across his upper body as he felt Cassie brush his balls. His dick twitched a bit and grew stiffer. He pretended to struggle with her pants more then he felt he needed to, so he could enjoy this current situation longer. She brushed him again, this time, seemingly more intentional.

Cassie smiled as she wiggled her hips while Brad fiddled with her hem. She purposely tried to maneuver her grip so she could feel his balls against her arm. She readjusted her hands so now the back of her hand propped up his heavy balls as she gripped his thigh, almost massaging him.

Brad felt Cassie's hand near his balls and he shifted his hands so his palms were flat on her hips and slid his hands down her pants to pry them off.

Cassie felt Brad's hands slide into her leggings. She shook and moaned lightly. She then in the spur of the moment, flipped her hand and cupped his balls and lightly squeezed him. Cassie opened her legs a bit, causing Brad's hands to slid closer to her pussy.

Brad felt Cassie grasp his balls and he lost his balance, he felt his arms go weak, his hands slid over her upper thighs and caressed down her inner thighs. His thumbs brushed her pussy lips. He groaned deep as he made contact with her soft folds.

Cassie heard Brad groan, she attempted to sit upwards and he almost aggressively pulled her pants down with his arms sliding into her pant legs. She bucked and caused him to fall forward. Brad fell down and he faceplanted not-so-gracefully into Cassie's mound. He inhaled deeply and then panicked and quickly rolled away from Cassie. He tumbled to the side and turned back to look at Cassie. She lay on her back with her pants around her ankles. Brad felt a bit anxious from his faceplant.

"Ha! I win!" He exclaimed, to ease the tension, as he rose up to stand, raising his hands in victory, this caused his shirt to rise up, revealing more of his lower region and his bobbing dick.

Cassie rolled over and unto her knees.

"Not yet!" She shouted.

Brad lifted his hands out to the side, giving off a confused look.

"Still not fully off, still not fully naked!" She exclaimed rather abrasivly. She swiveled on her bum leaning back and carefully lifting her feet up, showing her pants were still around her ankles. From this angle Brad was able to see her puffy pussy lips peek out between her legs, and the start of her soft bum that sat on the carpeted floor. His dick twitched but Cassie's face was blocked by her feet and bunched pants, so he hoped she didn't see his reaction.

Cassie held her legs up and clenched her pussy together. She wanted so badly to touch herself, her pussy tingled. She wasn't ready to be done with their 'activity' just yet. She lowered her legs so she was now sitting flat on the floor. She looked up to Brad, or moreso looked at Brad's dick. She was amazed at how much bigger it was from his flaccid state. But yet even now, she could tell he wasn't at full mast. Her stomach fluttered and her pussy tingled.

Brad saw Cassie's change of position and focus. As much as he liked the fact she was looking at his body, he felt more ashamed, reminding himself, 'she's your sister'. He felt his nerves get the better of him as he turned away and pretended to stretch from his physical exertion.

Cassie saw Brad turn to the side and stretch, she couldn't help herself, and as secretive as possible, reached between her slightly parted legs and ran her hand up her slit. She shuddered and definitely felt her wetness. She was taken aback a bit by how wet she was, but knowing that Brad was hard, she didn't feel as bad. She knew her 'excitement' was less obvious.

Brad took a breath followed by a slow blink as he finished his stretch and turned back to look at Cassie as she slowly and steadily stood up, she struggled a bit since her pants were around her ankles. She smiled coyly as she stood and braced herself as best she could, to face her opposition.

Brad took in the sight of his sister again, taking note that her puffy pussy lips glimmered in the evening light coming in the windows. He smiled a bit, seeing that he wasn't the only one who's body showed signs of horniness. Even though he didn't want to label it as horniness, it was Cassie, his sister, but it was also a naked girl, a beautiful naked girl, who moments ago, was tangled up with his, mostly naked, body. His mind replayed the moment he felt her hand on his testicles and when his own hands brushed her, now slick looking, pussy. Then the faceplant that occurred. He shook his head to break end his daydream.

"Ding ding ding!" Cassie spoke, as she began to hobble towards Brad.

"This is going to be difficult." She laughed as she took small steps, almost tripping herself.

Brad chuckled to himself watching Cassie stumble with her steps. He would quickly walk around the room, making Cassie chase him with her waddling steps. Everytime she would get close to him, he would wait til the last second before stepping to the side and jogging away. Both Cassie and Brad laughed at the innocent cat and mouse chasing.

Cassie laughed but also groaned frustratingly as her attempts failed time after time. She tried her best but also didn't mind his quick dodges, because this caused his exposed genitalia to sway and bob, side to side , and up and down. She smiled everytime.

Brad knew his dodging was going to become tiresome soon, but he loved watching Cassie wobble and stumble towards him, he took every opportunity to look at her breasts as they bobbed and swayed. And bounced when she laughed. He loved watching her plumb pussy lips open and close with every step she took. He could see the shine from her wetness glimmer, and emphasize the small curves. He decided that he wanted to make some contact. So as she stumbled towards him, he would tap and lightly push her shoulders. After a few touches he began to swat her as he dodged. A light tap to her arms, then her hips. A few swats to her stomach. He gauged the situation and she didn't get upset, just would laugh frustratingly from his taunting and her stumbled attempts. He then proceeded to be a bit more daring and began swatting her bum as he dodged her. She seemed to actually like that.

Cassie jumped from a surprise swat to her rear end. She felt a rush of warm tingles throughout her body. Another swat and it felt as if there were electric surges coursing through her body. The swats got a bit harder and it emphasized the feelings. Everytime he spanked her, her smile grew larger and she made an effort to show him how much she liked it.

Brad saw how Cassie reacted to the swats and he began to smack a bit harder, not full force, but enough snap to his hand that the slap sound was more audible. She reacted positively and he continued his spanking.

Cassie made no effort to hinder her 'Coos' and 'Ooos' as she made audible reference to her pleasure. Even leaning into the swats that Brad dished out.

Brad wanted more, but didn't know what the 'more' was. But he also needed to win this wrestling match once and for all. When Cassie approached him instead of dodging he stood still. Cassie grabbed at his shirt. She opened her legs as much as she could to plant her stance. He stepped between her legs and planted his foot on her pants between her feet. She was now trapped from stepping away.

"Ha! You're mine now!" He scoffed.

Cassie attempted to pull his shirt up but was unsuccessful and couldn't get a good lift to it, because her balance was unsteady. She groaned again with a sly smile.

"What are you going to do to me?" Cassie asked submissively.

Brad smiled a cocky smile and acted as if he was deep in thought. He stroked his chin obnoxiously. His smile grew and he looked down to his naked sister who he had trapped close to his body. She started to lean into him when he quickly moved his hands to her sides and lightly tickled her. She began to laugh and wiggle around under his hold. She swatted at his hands, but he only picked up the pace and pressure. She shifted violently from side to side. Everytime she was about to fall over, Brad grasped her and held her up, once she was balanced again, he would start tickling her again.

"You're under my control now!" Brad laughed maniacally.

Cassie twitched and laughed, rubbing her body against her brother's. She could feel his dick poke and rub against her. She got a thought and only debated it for a few seconds under the tickled assault. She acted as if she was to collapse backward, which caused Brad to cease his tickles to grasp her shoulders and steady her. She leaned back so he took most of her weight and she reached low and fondled his dick and balls. He now almost lost his footing but stepped back with his free foot, that wasn't holding her pants down. Cassie wrapped her hand around his quickly hardening shaft. She held it tightly. He let out a deep moan. Brad took another deep breath and went back to tickling Cassie. She wiggled again under his control, but since she still held tightly to his shaft, she would rock and move her hand up and down as she fought away his tickling.

Brad tensed up as his sister 'unintentionally' stroked him as he tickled her. He felt all sorts of emotions, but craved the sexual attention. His mind flowed with sexual thoughts and his dick grew harder and bigger by the second. He then shifted his tickling around Cassie back and on her bum. He groped her and squeezed, mixed with tickling to cause her to stroke him. He then brought his hands around front and cupped her pussy. Both Brad and Cassie let out a nervous moan. Brad pressed tightly against her plump mound, his middle finger tucked against her slit. He slowly but with pressure ran his palm up, causing his finger to slid up her wet crease. He loved the soft feel of her plump lips. Brad shuddered.

Cassie felt light headed and flushed as every nerve in her body tingled. She shook slightly from an overload of excitement. Her knees went weak and she lost her balance, falling backwards.

Brad tried to catch Cassie as she fell but couldn't get his arms around her in time. She held his shaft still and he knelt down lightly as she sat down and laid back with a soft thump. She released his throbbing member and he fell forward ontop of her. He felt his sister's warm body beneath him. He still wore his shirt but his rock hard cock made contact with Cassie's lower body.

Cassie felt his hard dick rest against her pussy as Brad fell forward onto her. She let out a moan from the fall but also from the contact.

Brad gracefully followed through with his fall and rolled off to the side of his sister, regaining himself and kneeling beside her as he breathed heavily.

Cassie lay shocked but giggled happily as she regained her breathing.

Brad looked up and down her body, her chest heaved, her breathing steadied. He took in her full length, from head to toes, toes-her pants have slipped off her feet.

"I win." Brad whispered calmly towards Cassie. Cassie lifted her head and looked at her feet, her pants lay a few inches away. She wiggled her toes and feet.

She groaned quietly with a sad tone.

"I hate losing, but, I guess it was a good match." She giggled cutely.

"Ha. Yeah." Brad chuckled quietly.

They both sat silent for a few moments, gathering their thoughts.

Brad sat and thought about what just happened, he sat in a way that his erection laid against his leg. He swallowed and his breathing steadied but his heart beat faster. He wasn't sure how to comprehend what all had just happened. He felt good physically, and felt more emotionally connected to Cassie, but he couldn't shake the feeling of guilt as he sat admiring her body, his sister's body.

Cassie couldn't help but smile as her mind raced recalling the sights, sounds and feelings. She couldn't believe that she held his dick as he ran his hand across her pussy. She was amazed at how big he was. She thought about the comparison of his flaccid state to his erect state, and was surprised by the difference. Her mind jumped to the thought of how that dick would fit inside someone, inside her pussy. Then her mood dropped. Did she just imagine having sex with her brother? Her heart beat fast but she had a knot in her stomach. She felt a rush of guilt wash over her. She shook away the thoughts of actual sex. She recalled the wrestling game, and the playful touches, trying to convince herself that it was just innocent fun. She lay trying figure out if they crossed a line or not.

Brad started to stress out about his feelings towards the situation. 'It was just a game, they didn't have sex, no one got hurt, no one came.' he repeatedly told himself. He looked down to his lap, his cock still stood firm.

Cassie sat up and looked to her side. Her view was directed at Brad's cock. His dick was hard and upright. She wanted to touch it again, but convinced herself she better not.

" need to take care of that before the movie?" Cassie asked, signaling to his dick and then looking up to his face. He was flushed red.

Brad looked down at his rigid cock, then back to Cassie's eyes.

"Uhhh... Maybe..." He said embarrassed.

"Well maybe we both should take some time to recoup before turning on the movie?" She suggested.

They both nodded in agreement that they needed some 'alone time'.

"Can I use the bedroom?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah. I'll be out here." Brad added.

Cassie rose to her feet and walked back to the bedroom, Brad watched her bum sway as she walked out of view.

Brad threw his head back and exhaled deeply. He slowly stood up. He gripped his rock hard dick and squeezed it tightly, letting out a groan. He wasn't sure if he wanted to masturbate or cut it off. But once his hand wrapped firmly around his shaft he knew he wanted to cum.

Cassie walked into the bedroom and stood just inside the door. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes she focused on what was infront of her. It was Brad's bed. Cassie's bed was over to the left of the room, their dresser and closet was to the right, so Brad's bed sat almost in the middle of the room. She went and threw herself facedown on his bed. She inhaled deeply and could smell Brad's scent in the sheets. She recalled his scent back in the living room and she instantly felt a quiver in her pussy. She rolled to her back and placed her hand against her snatch. It was sopping wet. She moaned lightly as she put pressure against herself.

Brad stroked his hard dick a few times, before turning and walking back to the couch. He sat down and wrapped his hand around his shaft again. He started slow and stroked himself as he looked around the room, seeing all the discarded clothes and he reimagined the wrestling, like he was watching it unfold before him. He pictured him and his sister tossing eachother about, as clothes came off.

Cassie ran her fingers over her slit, spreading her lips as she slid up and down. She felt her wetness coat her inner and outer lips. She placed her pointer against her clitoris and circled it slowly. She took her middle finger and slid it up inside her opening, easily entering with how wet and slippery she was. She curled her finger and used her thumb now to press against her clit. She let out a moan as her sensitivity grew with every passing second. She closed her eyes and recalled the previous engagement between Brad and herself.

Brad picked up his pace as he replayed the memory of the scenario between Cassie and him. He let his mind wander as he cycled through the wrestling match. Specifically focusing on the times that he or Cassie's bodies were revealed. His dick dripped pre-cum and his shaft throbbed from all the lead up to this moment. He tensed his legs as he started to pump quickly, remembering when he faceplanted into Cassie crotch.

Cassie thought of the moments that Brad's dick made contact with her. She remembered how it felt when he pulled her hair and smacked her butt. She slipped two fingers inside her pussy and moved them in and out, she would curl her fingers inside of her, hitting her g-spot. Her breathing quickened and she more audibly moaned.

Brad groaned as she stroked himself quickly. The fact that his dick was coated in pre-cum and the quick pace he stroked himself at, caused a wet slapping sound as he pumped his hard shaft. He thrusted his hips from his sitting position and the old couch creaked under his movements.

Cassie spread her legs wider and planted her feet flat on the bed, bending her knees, she pulled her fingers out with a wet pop. She then began to strum at her engorged and swollen clit. She almost squeeled out a moan, as the bed shook under her.

Brad recalled the last grapple between him and Cassie, he remembered the shock but great feeling of Cassie's hand on his testicles and shaft. He closed his eyes and remembered how soft Cassie felt as he slid his hand over her smooth mound. He groaned deep as he felt the familiar pressure build up deep within his loins.

Cassie swore she heard Brad moan as she strummed herself. She recalled the feeling of holding his shaft in her hand as he tickled her. She then recalled the feeling of his hand on her mound and slit, her body tensed as she felt her approaching orgasm. She jolted her eyes open as she exploded into an amazing orgasm. She shook and twitched as she moaned deeply, she squirmed on the bed sheets.

Brad heard an echoed moan come from the hallway and that's all it took to push him over the edge. He felt his dick swell and his balls tighten, he felt a flush of warmth consume him from the inside out. He opened his eyes and held his dick tight and watched as he came, shooting a large amount of cum upon his stomach. He shot 4 or 5 loads before the last few spurts dribbled out of his tip. He moaned out while his body relaxed.

Cassie heard a groan and her body twitched and her pussy convulsed. She cupped her plump pussy as moisture leaked out between her fingers. She breathed deep, bringing her mind back to reality. She slowly and shakily sat up. Her post-orgasmic haze abruptly came to an end when she realized she was sitting in a very wet spot on the bed. She looked between her legs, and under her very wet looking pussy, there was a very obvious growing dark wet spot in the bed. On Brad's bed. Cassie's eyes widened and she felt a small panic enter her. She got off the bed, almost falling over. Her legs were weak. She began to remove the sheets from the bed.

Brad took deep breaths until he was breathing normally again. He took notice of the mess he made on himself. He looked around and there was a tissue box on an end table. He carefully arose and grabbed a handful of tissues and he cleaned himself off. He checked over the sofa and there were only a few drops that he wiped up aswell. He then walked to the hallway, entered the bathroom and flushed the tissues. He stepped out of the bathroom just as Cassie came out of the room with her arms full of bedding.

"Make a mess?" Brad asked softly.

"Maybe. Did you?" Cassie replied back, nodding towards the bathroom.

"Kinda. But I cleaned up." Brad answered.

"Me too." Cassie said cutely as she shuffled to the back of the house where the laundry room was.

Brad followed, glancing at her naked bum, he drew his attention away as he passed the bedroom, he looked inside the door. He saw that it was HIS sheets that were being laundered. He felt an exciting flutter within his stomach as he smiled a knowing smile.

To be continued...
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