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James enjoys some fun on the train to Hogwarts, whilst Harry is given some unexpected news
This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 2

‘Quickly Harry, the train’s about to leave,’ cried Ginny above the roar of the train’s engines as the station master began to close the doors to the carriages. Harry and the three kids quickly ran over through the horde of parents and relatives towards Ginny, who was stood anxiously beside one of the few open doors left to the train.

‘Keep up the hard work at school Lily,’ said Ginny hurriedly as she gave her a quick kiss and hug before Lily happily bounded onto the train.

‘Have a nice term Alby,’ Ginny said as Albus avoided his mother’s attempted kiss in embarrassment and hurried onto the train after his sister.

‘James..... just be good,’ sighed Ginny as James smirked before kissing his mother on the cheek.

‘Mum, I always am!’ replied James in mock shock. Ginny reluctantly returned his cheeky smile and cuffed him gently on the shoulder before he too stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. As soon as the gleaming red door shut behind him, steam billowed up from around the train’s wheels as the piercing hoot of the train’s horn bellowed around the station. Slowly, the train set off as Harry and Ginny, stood arm-in-arm, waving to their children who were smiling at them from an open window. Finally in a cloud of pearly smoke, the train turned the corner and they were gone.

‘It’s ok sweetheart,’ said Harry to Ginny who was trying in vain to hold back tears, ‘they’ll be back before you know it.’ A slightly red-eyed Ginny nodded before giving Harry an affectionate kiss on the lips. The crowd of parents around Harry and Ginny gradually began to thin until they were the last remaining pair on the platform.

‘Come on love,’ whispered Harry as he gave Ginny a kiss on top of her flaming red hair, ‘let’s go home.’ Ginny took hold of Harry’s hand as he turned on the spot and vanished into thin air.


‘Hey!....Katherine!’ called Albus from his carriage compartment as he suddenly saw his best friend walk past the open carriage door that lead to the corridor. Katherine jolted to a stop and turned to Albus with a wide smile on her face. Albus noticed that she had barely changed since he had previously seen her on the last day of school the year before. She was still rather small for her age, with long, black silky hair that cascaded down her back and around her cutesy, heart shaped face.

‘Al!’ she cried as she ran into the compartment and gave Albus a long, rib crunching hug, ‘did you have a good summer?’ she asked excitedly as she slipped into the seat next to Albus.

‘Yeah.... it was good thanks, how was yours,’ wheezed Albus as he nursed his aching ribs.

‘Oh you know, it was ok.... I really missed you this summer,’ said Katherine as her own bright, blue eyes looked into Albus’s large green eyes.

‘Awww, missed you too Kat,’ replied Albus affectionately. Suddenly, the door to their compartment burst open, revealing James and a crowd of his friends.

‘Why hello Katherine,’ said James with as he extravagantly bowed to her, ‘I hope you are well. Albus, I hope you don’t mind, but we’re having this compartment, all the others are full.’

‘Get lost James, we were here first,’ Albus retorted back.

‘Look,’ said James sharply as he suddenly withdrew his wand from the pocket of his skinny jeans, ‘I’ve asked you nicely. You can leave now or I’ll hex you. Katherine you don’t have to leave of course, a charming young lady such as yourself shouldn’t have to give up her seat,’ James said to her as she beamed back. Albus eyed James’s wand warily before grumpily getting up.

‘Thanks for the offer James but I think I’ll go with Al,’ said Katherine with a smile as she too got up.

‘As you wish,’ James replied as he stood aside to let them leave, ‘come on people,’ James called to the eight boys and three girls stood behind him, ‘let’s get comfortable.’


Harry shut the door behind himself as he and Ginny arrived back at their magnificent house. Just as he walked into the living room, a jet of fire erupted in the fireplace as a stony faced ministry official’s face appeared in the flames.

‘Urgent message for Harry James Potter from the Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt: Harry, meet me at my office as soon as possible, a matter of upmost importance needs to be discussed, Kingsley.’ The message ended as with a pop, the man’s face disappeared and the fireplace became calm once more.

‘I’m sorry sweetheart,’ Harry sighed as Ginny turned to him with a disappointed look, ‘I’ll have to go, if the Minister needs to see me then it must be important.’

‘Mmmm, but I was hoping to make use of our empty house,’ said Ginny lustfully as she placed her hands on Harry’s chest and began kissing him on the neck.

‘I know Gin,’ said Harry as he placed his hands on his wife’s delicate hips, ‘but the Minister....mmmmmmm,’ Harry suddenly moaned as Ginny cupped his hardening cock.

‘I’m sorry Gin,’ Harry said reluctantly as he broke away from her, ‘tonight though yeah?’

‘Ok....tonight,’ replied Ginny with a mixture of disappointment and understanding of Harry’s position. Just as Harry was about to leave, he looked over into his wife’s disappointed eyes and thought how beautiful she still looked to him.

‘I love you very much Ginny,’ said Harry as he walked over and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. Ginny seemingly melted into Harry’s arms as he gave his wife a long kiss before he reluctantly departed for the Ministry.


‘Then she was like, ooo Matt why don’t you fuck me and Vanessa with that big cock right now!’ The group of people around James suddenly burst into laughter as Matthew told them of his antics over the summer.

‘God I’m hard just thinking about it now,’ finished Matthew as he sat back impressively as everyone, including the girls continued to laugh. The laughter however quickly turned into a nervous giggle, before finally, an awkward silence fell on the group as James, who was very much the leader of his group of friends was sat staring at Matthew with a peculiar look on his handsome face.

‘ ok James?’ mumbled Matthew with a nervous look to James, who continued to stare at him. James smirked to himself as he knew Matthew liked to tell fancy tales and could not resist the chance to embarrass him in front of the others.

‘So are you a bit of a player are you Matt? Shoving your big dick into anything that has a pulse?’ asked James with a grin on his face.

‘Hahaha,’ laughed Matthew warily, ‘Summat like that yeah...’

‘Show us then,’ said James quietly as he felt the tension amongst the group rise, ‘Come on, we’re all comfortable here, show us your cock.’ The colour from Matthew’s cheeks drained away as an excited patter of anticipation arose among the group.

‘Yeah go on Matthew,’ shouted out one of the girls.

‘Show us Matt,’ came another cry.

‘Yeah, if it’s true then we’ll obviously believe all the other stories you’ve told us,’ said another. James sat back in satisfaction, enjoying the sight of Matthew squirming in his seat in embarrassment

‘I....erm.....I,’ stammered Matthew as his friends continued to jeer him.

‘Tell you what Matty,’ said James in a comforting voice, ‘If you get yours out then I’ll get mine out. If what you say is true, then you are bigger than me and I’ll be the loser won’t I?’

Suddenly, the atmosphere around the carriage rose further, especially amongst the girls who leant forward on their seats eagerly.

‘....Ok....,’ gulped Matthew. Slowly, he stood up and began to unbuckle his belt around his jeans. The tinkling sound of the metal on his belt broke the uneasy silence around the carriage as he began to slowly unbutton his jeans. Finally, Matthew pulled down his jeans and underwear, revealing to the group his very ordinary looking, erect, 5 inch penis. Matthew blushed a deep shade of red as the girls in the group began to giggle incessantly while the lads jeered him mockingly.

‘Bloody liar,’ shouted one of the boys as Matthew quickly hiked up his underwear and jeans and sat back down.

‘Come on then James,’ shouted Matthew over the din, eager to exact some revenge, ‘let’s see yours then.’ The carriage went deathly quiet once more as everyone looked over to a smug looking James.

‘As you wish,’ he said calmly as he stood up in front of the group.

‘Also, why do you insist on wearing that weird muggle clothing,’ asked Matthew. James was dressed in maroon coloured skinny jeans which hung low on his peachy bum, revealing his decorative boxers. His t-shirt was white, with a picture of his favourite muggle band on the front and on his wrists were numerous coloured plastic bands.

‘Because,’ said James as he stretched his arms over his head, so that his t-shirt rucked up slightly, revealing his toned six-pack, ‘no matter what you think of the muggles, you cannot deny they have style.’ Matthew exhaled sharply as James and the rest of the group smirked back at him. Feeling empowered in the moment and the reaction he was about to cause, James took his time unbuttoning his jeans, the pop of each button echoing around the room. Once the last button was undone, James pulled his trousers down around his knees, so that only his tight boxers hid his package from view. Almost teasingly, James thumbed the elastic band of his boxers around his waist as he heard a small moan of longing escape the lips of one of the girls sat behind him. Feeling like the tension had been built enough, James swiftly pulled down his boxers and stood hands on hips in front of his friends. An audible gasp broke out among them as all their eyes fixated on James, thick, erect cock.

‘It’ big!’ exclaimed one of the girls as James noticed her begin to salivate slightly at the mouth.

'Not a bad ass either.....,’ James heard one of the girl’s whisper to another.

‘Woah James,’ said one of his friends as they high-fived each other, ‘that’s shut Matty up,’ he finished with a grin over to Matthew, who was sat whimpering in shock at being ridiculed in front of everyone.

‘How big is it man?’ asked another boy to James.

‘Seven and a half,’ replied James casually, ‘eight on a good day.’

‘Wow,’ exclaimed the group in awe as finally James re-dressed, much to the disappointment of the girls in the group. Suddenly, a knock at the door drew everyone’s attention as a dark haired figure walked into the carriage.

‘Anastasia,’ said James breathlessly as she gave him a wide smile. Already dressed in her Gryffindor school robes, Anastasia was in James’s year and had moved from Russia when she was a small child. She was of medium height and possessed a beautiful slim figure. Her hair was jet black in colour and was styled with long curls that lusciously spread down her back, while across her forehead lay a short, straight fringe. She had large pale blue eyes that were accentuated by her beautiful porcelain skin. Her chest seemed to possess a good sized pair of C sized breasts, while her smooth flat tummy contained a belly button piercing. Her ass was surprisingly curvy for a slim girl and added a nice shape to her robes as she walked over to James and whispered something in his ear. His eyes widened slightly as he suddenly addressed the rest of the room.

‘Right you lot, I need you to leave for a little while, I have with Anastasia to attend to,’ said James as without a fuss, the group began to leave. ‘Levi.... William, I need you to stand outside the door and let nobody in, understand?’ The two boys nodded as they left the room, leaving James and Anastasia alone.

‘Well,’ said James as he turned to Anastasia who was seated in a sultry pose, ‘I’ve been waiting all summer for this.’


‘Repeat that again to me Minister?’ asked Harry, who was sat in Kingsley’s office in a state of shock.

‘Harry, I want you to stand for Minister of Magic when I retire the post next month,’ replied Kingsley calmly. Kingsley gently placed his hands across his lap as he stared across at a visibly astonished Harry.

‘I.......I......I cannot Minister,’ answered Harry quietly.

‘But why?’ exclaimed Kingsley, ‘Harry......I am tired. I’ve been Minister for nearly 20 years now and have no wish to continue. I see you as my perfect replacement. You are still young but incredibly experienced, the entire wizarding community adores you. I believe you could become the greatest Minister this country has ever had,’ finished Kingsley calmly. Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat before standing and turning his back to the Minister.

‘I cannot stand for the job, Minister,’ replied Harry quietly, ‘I have my reasons.’ Kingsley stood from his chair and slowly walked over to Harry; placing a large, comforting hand gently on his back.

‘Tell me,’ asked Kingsley.

‘Because I cannot be trusted Minister. Even in his death, I still share a link with Lord Voldemort. Many years ago, he possessed my body briefly. It was the most terrible thing I ever felt in my life Minister. I lost control of who I was, the pain....... the pain was excruciating. I knew after that moment that I could never be trusted with power, even if I desired it,’ said Harry slowly.

‘But Harry, Voldemort is dead, he’s gone....forever,’ replied Kingsley as he gently squeezed Harry’s shoulder.

‘No Minister,’ as Harry turned to face him shaking his head, ‘he’ll never be gone, not really. He destroyed too many people’s lives to ever be truly gone. Thank you for the offer Minister, but I have no wish to take your job. However if you wish to hear my thoughts on who should replace you, then I believe I know the perfect candidate.’

‘Who Harry?’ asked Kingsley as he led Harry back to his chair.

‘Why, possibly the greatest witch in the Ministry right now.....Hermione of course,’ replied Harry. Kingsley’s face remained stony faced as he stared back at Harry from across his desk.

‘Harry.....there is no denying Hermione Weasley is a great and most powerful witch, but...,’

‘But?’ Harry quickly interjected.

‘Harry,’ Kingsley responded with unusual quickness, ‘please believe that what I’m about to say is not my views, but I think Hermione may struggle to win over the electorate. Though she is highly respected by our community, she will always remain a muggle-born and many of the older witches and wizards will not see past that.’ Harry could feel his blood begin to boil but remained calm as he replied to Kingsley.

‘That it maybe Minister, but I cannot think of any better candidate to replace you. Hermione is young, intelligent, passionate and most of all, kind. Now if you don’t mind Minister, I have business to attend to. Good day to you,’ said Harry civily.

‘Good-bye Harry,’ replied Kingsley solemnly as Harry got up from his seat and left the room, ‘.....good-bye....’


‘Wow, he’s giving her a serious pounding,’ whispered Levi to William, as both boys tried to look into the carriage through the blind covered windows. Even over the train’s engines and excited chatter of students from other carriages, Levi and William could hear Anastasia’s excited pants. Levi could just make out what looked to be James, long, lean back and bum from across the carriage, with what appeared to be Anastasia’s legs spread wide either side of his hips.

‘I can just about see some of her tit here!’ whispered William excitedly as he and Levi pressed their noses even closer to the glass. Both boys felt their hands begin to drift towards their groins as they began to squeeze and feel their hardening cocks through the folds of their robes. Suddenly, a few inches away on the other side of the window, a large thudding sound made both boys jump out of their skins as their hands instantly left their cocks. Even through the blinds, they could see James had picked up Anastasia and had her up against the window by the door as her ass now filled the window. With a shaky look towards each other, both boys turned around and continued to guard the door.

‘Ahhhh, harder James, fuck my small pussy,’ begged Anastasia in her thick, Russian accent, as the sudden cold sensation of the window on her back made her nerve endings tingle with pleasure. James grunted in acknowledgment as with his hands firmly around her curvaceous ass, he picked up the pace of his thrusting.

‘Ahh yeahhh,’ moaned James as he felt more of his seven and a half inch cock enter into Anastasia’s wet pussy, ‘your pussy is so fucking tight.’ Anastasia looked down lustfully at James from her elevated height as with her left hand, she tweaked her own erect nipples whilst with her right, she ran her soft fingers through James’s silky hair. James enjoyed the feel of Anastasia pulling his hair as he kept his gaze firmly on his large cock, which was now flecked with her clear looking cum, pounding into Anastasia’s incredibly small, shaved pussy. Suddenly, the sight of Anastasia’s C sized, round, pale tits caught his attention as they bounced up and down with the timing of his thrusting. James watched them for a while, in awe, before he finally dove his mouth onto them and began sucking on her erect nipple.

‘Urghhhhh yeahhh,’ groaned James suddenly as he let go of Anastasia’s ass so that she slid down his entire length till her pussy rested on the base of his cock.

‘Ahhhhh!!......Ahhhhhh!!’ screamed Anastasia in a mixture of pain and pleasure as she felt James’s huge cock expand her pussy even further. James stood there for a while, supporting her weight with his cock and savouring the feel of her wet pussy constricting tightly around his thick dick.

Finally he removed his cock from within her and helped Anastasia to her knees.

‘Suck it babe, suck it,’ commanded James as Anastasia eyed his waggling cock lustfully. Sandwiched in between the door and James’s goliath cock, she quickly spat on his smooth, long shaft and quickly began to toss him off with both of her hands.

‘Mmmmmmmm,’ moaned James as Anastasia suddenly placed the head of his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it ravenously. As she licked and sucked around James’s sensitive head, she continued to twist and rub her hand along his shaft while her other hand squeezed and slapped James’s rock hard balls.

‘That feels soooo good,’ moaned James as his hips began to naturally thrust forward, so that more and more of his dick entered into Anastasia’s willing mouth. Almost gagging from the pleasure of sucking James’s cock, she quickly removed it from her mouth with a pop, as she lifted up his dick and pounced onto his large balls.

‘Mmmmmpfff.............mmmmmmpppffff,’ mumbled Anastasia as she teasingly sucked and pulled lightly on James’s ball sack.

‘Ahhh yeah babe, that’s how I like it,’ groaned James as while she did this, she continued to jack off James’s now soaking wet cock.

After a few more minutes of intense sucking, Anastasia crawled to the middle of the carriage and positioned herself on all fours, with her beautiful, pale ass high in the air. With a grin, James strutted over, his large, erect cock swaying with each step as he positioned his feet either side of her. Bending his knees, so that he was in a deep squat, James took hold of his dick and swiftly thrust it into Anastasia’s quivering pussy.

‘Ahhhhhhhhh yes!’ she cried in ecstasy, as she began to rub her clit furiously with her hand. James, who was now turned on to the max, grabbed either side of Anastasia’s peachy ass and began to pound his dick into her at an astonishing rate.

‘Urghhhh.........urghhhhh.........urghhhhhh,’ groaned James as with each thrust, his entire seven and a half inch dick plunged into her wet pussy. James then started to spank each of her bum cheeks firmly, causing red hand marks to form on her soft skin.

‘Oh God!’ moaned Anastasia as the stinging sensation of the slaps caused her to erupt into an orgasm. James smiled as he felt her pussy juices squirt all over his cock, lubricating it even more. Suddenly, the train’s movement jolted, causing James to fall forward onto Anastasia’s back and so that his entire cock plunged into her pussy.

‘Mmmmmmm,’ moaned Anastasia as she felt James’s large hands clutch around her breasts, ‘fuck me hard now! I can feel your close.’ With his cock tingling in pleasure, James stayed in the position and began to hump his hips in a rabbit like fashion. Anastasia turned her head and smiled at the sight of seeing James’s surprisingly curvy bum rise and fall with the motion of his fucking.

‘Ahhhhhhhhh,’ moaned James unsteadily, ‘hope you’re ready for a big load baby.’

‘Oh yes! Cum in my pussy James,’ groaned Anastasia passionately, desperate for the fiery feeling in her body to be quenched by James’s cum. Holding on tightly to Anastasia’s breasts, James quickened his thrusting as he soon began to feel his powerful climax approaching.

‘Ahhhhhh..........Urghhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhh!!!.....Mmmmmmm,’ groaned James loudly as he fired six, thick strands of his white cum into Anastasia’s willing pussy. James collapsed onto her back, as he began to kiss and nibble on her neck, causing her to purr in pleasure.

Finally, James’s orgasm subsided as his dick began to soften inside of Anastasia’s pussy. Tenderly, James removed his cock from within her and was delighted to see it was followed by a stream of his cum. James watched as his seed slowly ran down the length of her small, lipless pussy before falling to the floor, forming a lovely gloop. James gave her ass a last playful spank as Anastasia turned around and gave him a passionate kiss. Both teens remained sat on the floor as they James rested his back against the seat while Anastasia sat on his lap, playing with his hair.

‘Can’t believe we waited all summer for that,’ said James in between pants, as his breathing finally began to steady.

‘I know James, but I wasn’t ready last year,’ replied Anastasia as she kissed him tenderly on the forehead, ‘thank-you for that. I shall never forget this moment.’

‘Nor me baby,’ said James as his fingers circled Anastasia’s areola’s. For a few more moments, the two of them sat there, gently kissing and hugging one another as the train continued to rattle on towards its final destination. Suddenly, a voice from the speaker caused the two of them to jump to their feet in shock.

‘Boys and Girls, we shall be shortly arriving in Hogwart’s in five minutes, please be ready to depart, thank you,’ said the crystal clear, metallic sounding voice of the speaker.

‘We better get changed quickly,’ said James, ‘my friend’s will back soon to collect their things.’

Just as James finished tying up his shoelace, the door burst open as his friends arrived back.

‘Ready James?’ they asked, oblivious to what had just happened in the carriage.

‘Ready,’ replied James as he and Anastasia went to stand up.

‘Ewww,’ said one of the girl’s as she pointed towards the floor, ‘what’s that?’ James had to contain a smile as he noticed a small puddle of his cum which had flowed out of Anastasia’s full pussy earlier.

‘Anastasia was sharing some of her delicious Russian vodka with me,’ lied James, ‘must have spilt some onto the floor. Why not try it, its good stuff!’

The girl bent down and prodded it cautiously; a small wad of the cum stuck to the end of her finger. Much to James’s delight, she brought her finger to her mouth and wiped his cum clean of it.

‘Tastes good!’ the girl said as James turned to Anastasia and gave her a knowing smile.

‘Anyway,’ said James quickly as he began to usher his friends out of the carriage, ‘Hogwarts awaits us.’


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