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James has been obsessed with older women for a while. When he sees Angella at the coffee shop he plots to get her into bed. As she begins to set James up to be her latest play-toy the question becomes, what does James really want, and how far will he go to get it?



At the age of 15 James came across a box filled with pictures of his dad's old girlfriends. Even though clothing and hairstyles had changed over the years, James found most of the girls to be attractive, and since James was adept at researching and stalking people online, he decided to look up some of his dad's old flames.

To his surprise, each girl he researched revealed the same shocking detail…..he was more attracted to who these women had become than who they’d been when they were younger. It was that day that James came to terms with the fact older women were not only sexy, but he was more turned on by them than by the girls his own age.

A psychologist might have said that James' desire for an older woman was due the fact he’d never had a mother figure in his life. His mother had died around the time of his birth, but James knew almost nothing else about her because his dad refused to talk about her, her death or even tell him what her name had been. Tired of being kept in the dark, one night James demanded answers from his dad, and he finally broke. His dad was yelling at him when he screamed, "I crashed the car while driving her to the hospital. She didn't make it but you did. Is that what you wanted to know? Are you happy now?"

His dad had walked off after saying that and James wondered if his dad blamed himself for the accident or did he blame his son for "choosing" to be born at that exact time. No matter whom his dad blamed, James decided to never ask about his mom again, as the circumstances of her death appeared to overshadow the memory of her life.

James hated that he'd made his dad relive such a torturous event, but if nothing else, it finally helped him understand why his dad had gone to college but failed to get his degree. James had been born during his dad's senior year of college, and without anyone there to help him, he had chosen to sacrifice his degree, along with his future, to raise his son.

Giving up his degree in order to raise a child had proven to be a huge sacrifice. Without that piece of paper his dad's promotions were always blocked. His dad was still able to provide for the two of them, but his dad should have been earning three times what he was right now. James knew that, in many ways, he was to blame for their current financial situation. That mix of knowledge and guilt provided all the motivation necessary for James to work hard for his future.

James wasn't sure how, but he told himself that one day he'd find a way to make everything up to his father. It was unbearable to think that his dad’s sacrifices had meant nothing.




When James started college he encountered his first cougar. This wasn't some slightly older girl, such as a senior flirting with a freshman; this was a “woman”, over twice his age. Once she gave him a taste of the hunger, passion and experience women like her possessed, James knew it'd be very hard to ever date a girl his age again.

Over the next 4-years James excelled in school and had a string of older women take him under their wing, and into their beds. He never stayed with any woman too long but each one taught him more about how to treat and please a woman. Being the good student he was, he became quite adept at charming mature women out of their panties. In fact, James had become so skilled that when he set his eyes on his man-hating liberal arts professor, he was eventually assigned a special "oral exam" in her office, every Tuesday at 3pm.

As James grew closer to graduation, he transitioned from study halls and libraries to a small coffee shop on the other side of town. This particular shop had decent wifi, comfortable chairs and non-coffee snacks that were barely within his budget.

The real advantage of coming to this coffee shop was the fact it was near the business district. This location attracted an older clientele than the chain coffee shops right off the college campus, and that was more than enough reason for him to make the trek across town and fight the traffic.

James was a creature of habit so he always came to the coffee shop at the same time every afternoon; however, one day he arrived early in the morning so he could work on a project. He'd planned on spending most of the day at the shop doing his assignment, but his plans quickly changed when a woman he'd never seen there came walking in.

James couldn't take his eyes off of her, and despite his project needing his attention, he couldn't concentrate with her sitting so close to him. He felt himself begin to sweat and his heart raced as he stole glances of her, and he knew that somehow, he had to meet her, but first he'd have to learn everything he could about this woman.

James barely received a passing grade on his project because he spent the entire rest of the day eavesdropping on her conversations and then investigating her online using every new piece of information he gathered.

James began showing up at the coffee shop early every day after that, just so he could watch her from afar, and his persistence paid off. Even though she didn't post a lot of things online herself, her friends, colleagues and acquaintances had revealed plenty.

Her name was Angella. She was single, never married, a lawyer at a prestigious law firm, and as fate would have it, she had hooked up with a fair number of younger guys.

Over the next month, James became an expert on all things Angella, and when he was confident he could capture and keep her attention, he made his move.

James waited for Angella to set her things down to claim her table before going up to get her coffee. While she stood in line James walked by and discretely swiped both of her pens. Even though that act seemed trivial, he was betting it'd be enough. You see, Angella had a thing about taking notes while on her work calls, and those notes were always handwritten. He suspected she was one of those people that never fully embraced technology since she didn't grow up with it like he did, but whatever her reason for her insistence on handwritten notes and maintaining a small online footprint, he would use those things to his advantage.

It didn't take long before he saw her furiously searching for something to write with during her Wednesday morning conference call, and that's when James became the gentleman and quietly slipped her one of his pens with a smile and a polite nod.

Once the call was over she walked over to his chair to say thank-you and ask if she could keep his pen a little longer. When she approached him she caught the faint scent of his cologne, which happened to be the same one she purchased for any guy she went out with more than once. Sticking out of the top of his book-bag was a copy of her favorite book and sitting next to him was a project board which had the word "separate" spelled "seperate".

Angella couldn't help herself when she saw the commonly misspelled word, so she politely pointed out his mistake. His almost coy and appreciative smile drove her to continue the conversation, just as James had believed it would. With the ice broken, James began to put into practice all the things his mature teachers had instilled in him.

After that first day in the coffee shop, things began to move fairly quickly between them, as was her style. However, James had an advantage she knew nothing of. On the side of a bag she always carried, a woman’s crown and the letters “ANG" were embroidered. On a whim he placed that into a search engine and after a bit of luck he discovered two different blogs and one online journal devoted to the same woman, "Queen Angella."

Seeing how Angella avoided technology whenever she could, James suspected she knew nothing of the very extensive, and thorough, blogs dedicated to her, and it probably never crossed her mind that someone might share the most intimate details of their relationship on the internet for anyone to read. .

Armed with what he knew, James was able to engage her at every turn. He showed her aspects of his personality he knew she'd like, withheld blatant sexual innuendo and remained vague when discussing most other details about himself. Most importantly, he tried to remain a mystery that she needed to solve.

It took less than a week before she brought up the topic of marriage. Once again, James had the advantage because he'd known this would come up. Without missing a beat, James completely shut down any idea of wanting to get married, and he never mentioned wanting kids. As he finished giving his answer, he watched as she tried to hide a smile of approval.

His answers had made Angella ecstatic, for she'd broken things off with every guy who had even brought up the topic of marriage or children. It didn't matter if a guy mentioned a niece's birthday party, her experience had taught her that even a mild reference to kids could eventually morph into an offer to "settle down" or start a family. She had a schedule and plan for her life, and being shackled down with a husband and kids wasn't a part of that plan. She'd worked and sacrificed too much for her career to derail it now. She only needed a man in her life for one thing, and she'd found that there was no shortage of men willing to meet that particular need. For Angella, no matter how well a relationship was going, any hint of wanting to see her domesticated was an immediate relationship death sentence.

Having finally passed all of her tests she asked him out. James accepted, but refused to act too excited. He knew that the harder she had to work to get him into the bedroom, the more she'd want him and quicker the dominatrix side of her take-charge personality would come out. Oh, he had read, in quite some detail, about her sexual fetishes from one of the active bloggers and ex boy-toy of hers. James had gone so far as to contact one one of the bloggers directly, under the guise of wanting to learn how to be more submissive. Through their extensive chats James had learned everything he needed to know about her darker kinks, the sex store she shopped at and was even treated to an insider's opinion as to what drives a woman like Queen Angella.




James' first date with Angella was a success and if it had been any other woman, he would have slept with her that night. James had seen the signs and he knew he could have fucked her after a single date, but he wasn't ready to. This wasn't just any woman, this was Angella, and he was waiting for just the right time to take their relationship to the next level Yes, he had fucked quite a few older women in the last 4-years, but when it came to Angella, he wanted their first time to mean something. Most importantly, he wanted it to be an experience that neither of them could ever forget.

Over the next six weeks James went out with Angella quite a few times. They had lunch dates, dinner dates, romantic dates, movies dates and even a weekend away. James knew she wanted him, but he also knew that she understood the law when it comes to consent, intention and rape. Angella would never have sex, or engage in any sexual activity, until the guy made the first move

The first time he was with her she'd hint at her darker nature, but she'd only delve deeper into her true desires the second time they slept together However, before they'd have sex the second time she'd present him with an extensive contract nobody ever read. He'd be told the contract was just a formality to show that their relationship was mutual and to prove he wasn't after her money or possessions. She'd have given him no reason to doubt her and no guy with a hard-on would choose to read a lengthy legal document when he could just sign it and cum.

The contract was, of course, neither routine nor standard by any measure. By making him initiate sex and then sign an iron-clad contract, she would have made it nearly impossible for him to win a case against her in court, no matter what happened in the months ahead. To this date, nobody had ever threatened her with legal action, but she liked knowing that short of killing someone, she was protected no matter what she forced upon him.




After officially dating her for just over two months, the day arrived when James knew the time was right. He hoped that despite the lack of advanced notice, Angella would jump at the mere hint of him being ready for more. As with everything else, he had read her correctly. When he texted to ask her if they could go back to her place after dinner so they could hang out a bit more...."privately", she responded by saying, "I have a better idea, let's skip the restaurant. Come over once you're finished with class, I've got something you can eat"

James played dumb and insisted they go out, because he wanted to celebrate the end of the semester. Reluctantly she agreed, and she was further annoyed when he didn't take her up on the offer to "step inside for a celebratory appetizer".

Angella was starting to believe she needed to end things and find some new stud, but when he casually let his hand brush across her ass as she got in his car, her heart raced. There was something about James that had captivated her from their first meeting, and now that he seemed ready, she prayed the wait had been worth it.

At the restaurant he sat next to her, touching her leg and teasing his fingers ever higher until they barely slipped under her skirt. When Angella later excused herself, she came back from the bathroom with more of her blouse unbuttoned. Changing seats, she chose to sit across from him so she could fuel his imagination as to what else she had to offer.

In the following minutes the couple engaged in a coded discussion of their sexual desires, but it was one you'd only pick up on if you listened carefully. As they carried on their seemingly innocent conversation, she looked into his eyes and came to understand that his innocence was merely an act….and she loved the game..

By the time dinner was over, the thought of what she wanted from him had Angella ready to throw her young companion on the table and lower herself onto his body, despite the room full of onlookers. She'd never had to work so hard, or so long, just to get a guy in bed. More than once she wondered if his hard-to-get act was why she felt so horny or why she wanted him so badly right now. The fact was, she'd been horny all day and the only thing that had stopped her from masturbating earlier was his innuendo heavy text about tonight.

When James picked up the dessert menu at the end of their meal Angella broke her non-interference rule as she reached over to stop him. She had been patient with him, and while he seemed more willing to go further tonight, she was tired of waiting and hoped that a little redirection might do him some good. With a finger at the opening of her blouse she pulled her bra lower as she looked at him. Once she was sure she had his attention she said, "No James, that's not the dessert I think you want. I have something I really want you to eat, and I think you want it too." She then let her finger trail down between her breast and into her lap suggestively as she said, "So how about we head back to my place so I can give you what you really want."

She paused for a moment before emphasizing the importance of making the right choice by adding, "but if you're not interested, you can get something here and I'll save what I have for someone else. All you have to do is tell me what you want. Do you want a kiddie dessert from that menu, or something a bit more mature at my place?" She slid her hand under her skit and pressed two fingers into her crotch as she continued "I promise you, what I have for you is very warm and so moist I'd actually call it.....wet"

When he didn't immediately reply her excitement grew. He'd kept her waiting and even now that she was virtually throwing herself at him, he was holding back. It'd been a long time since she'd had a challenge, and from her experience, the more a guy fought to keep control, the more compliant he was once she broke him. Based on the way he was acting, James was setting himself up to be her ultimate submissive pet.

As Angella's panties dampened at the thought of all the ways she could break him, she gave him a stern and suggestive look as she added, "Trust me, you want what I have, but I need to hear you say you want it or we can't go further." She slipped her foot between his legs and into his crotch as she continued, "Once you've experienced what I have, you won't be able to get enough, which is why I will be feeding it to you all night long. I promise, you will become addicted, I already know that. I can see it in your eyes. I already know that after tonight you will agree to anything I ask just to get more."

A smile touched her lips as she said, "I know that sounds like an exaggeration, but I promise you, it's not. It's "that" good." She then slowed her speech to emphasize the words, "I'm...that good."

After a brief pause she resumed her thought by asking, "Are you ready for that James? Are you prepared to do exactly what I say in order to get your first taste? Be a good boy and tell me what you want. I need to hear you say it"

James had planned on dragging this out longer, of teasing her through dinner, on the way home and for another hour after getting to her place, but there was something about her that made him want to please her. He genuinely wanted her approval, so before he realized he was speaking he found himself saying, "Yes, I want it."

Angella smiled as she leaned on the table to get closer to him. Her voice went softer, but it kept the same intensity as she said, "And what is 'it' James? Be specific"

James smiled at her and he tried to convey his own growing desire as he said, "You"

Pain suddenly shot through James as Angella's foot dug into his cock and forcibly pinned his balls to his leg. Her voice took on a new level of seriousness as she said, "That wasn't specific, was it?"

James shook his head 'no', too afraid to speak, out of fear that the pain radiating through him might be heard in his voice.

Angella relaxed her foot and, as if by magic, she began rubbing and coaxing his cock with her foot once more as she said, "Be a good boy and be specific this time."

She looked him in the eyes in hopes he'd grasp her seriousness as she said, "Every choice you make leads to reward or punishment. You can be a good boy or bad boy, that decision is yours. Either way I will get what I want from you. Regardless of the path you choose, you will become addicted to pleasing me and the pleasure I let you feel." Angella leaned in a little further and with a mix of seduction and intimidation she added, "Your decisions dictate the ratio of reward to punishment you experience. If I were you, I'd choose your next words very carefully."

Angella sat back in her chair and her foot retreated from his lap as the distance between them increased. She stared at James and she could see a hint of conflict in his eyes as he tried to process what had just happened. She had seen that look before. It was the look of someone who had always thought they were in control and couldn't be pushed around, suddenly realizing they weren't the alpha in the relationship. It was a look she enjoyed, and one in which she savored. This didn't mean she'd won the war, but that look in his eyes told her she'd won this battle.

James momentarily forgot about his plan and all the research he'd done on her. Once more he didn't think before he began saying, "I want to fuck you. I don't want to wait any longer. Ever since the day we met I've thought about what I pray happens tonight. I want to fuck you more than I've wanted anything else in my life, and there's nothing I wouldn't do to make it happen. I don’t want to wait for tomorrow or next week…I want you tonight. I want us both to remember tonight for the rest of our lives."

James thought about stopping there, but something drove him on as he confessed his desires. "I've purposely been making you wait because I was desperate for you to want tonight as badly as I do. I hoped you'd be so frustrated and anxious that your own expectation would burn every detail of tonight into your memory so that for years to come you'd still remember every single second of our time together." James barely stopped to breath as he continued, "I know that what we have won't last, it's not your style, but I accept that, and if anything, that intensifies my desire for you to remember how badly you wanted me to fuck you. I want it to be crystal clear in your mind that when we fuck tonight it isn't some drunken accident or heat of the moment madness, instead, I chose to take my time and get to know you before climbing into your bed"

James looked into her eyes with an intensity she hadn't seen in him before as he added, "I want you to remember that for two months either of us could have walked away from this relationship, but we didn't. I also want you to know that I didn't text you today on whim. In fact, roughtly two-weeks ago I circled today's date on my calendar and then wrote 'Fuck Angella'"

Angella stared back at him, listening to the most honest, and confusing, confession of need she'd ever heard from a guy. Before she could say anything he continued, "I can see how badly you want me in your eyes, but I promise you that your desire for us to leave here and go back to your place doesn't exceed my own." Reaching out James took her hands in his as he finished by saying, "I want you to understand that I'm prepared to let you do anything you want as long as you take me back to your place and fuck me tonight. And I mean it....anything."

James suddenly realized that he was no longer whispering and people in the restaurant were now staring at him. James instinctively knew that, prior to a few minutes ago, everyone would have believed he was out to eat with a relative, neighbor, co-worker or family friend, but James neither cared that now people knew that wasn't true nor that they had heard how badly he wanted her. He had meant every word he'd said, and if a few awkward stares was the price to pay so he could fuck her, then he could endure the judgemental gaze. He looked into her eyes as he asked, "Was that specific enough?"

Angella raised her hand to get their waitresses to bring the check. She smiled at her young friend and said, "Good boy. There may be hope for you yet"




Back at her place, Angella didn't wait for him to make the first move, as she normally did when she was with a guy for the first time. James had declared his intentions and desires verbally, in a public place where multiple people had heard him. He had actually done her a favor by letting others hear what he wanted. Even without a contract It would now be virtually impossible for him to take her to court, no matter what she suggested or did to him in the coming weeks or months. Witnesses could recount his absolute claims of how far he'd go and the complete immunity he'd given her to do whatever she wanted. He had been stupid to expose himself like that in public, but that was the dangers of youth. Those that were young acted on impulse, without the careful planning and eye on the future as she possessed. Due to his mistake, she now owned him.

As much as she wanted to dive into her true desires, she'd go easy on him tonight and reward him for waiving any chance he had in court, should he decide her kinks weren't for him. Yes, she'd go easy on him tonight, but after this one night things would drastically change. He'd soon see her as his goddess and he'd worship her for every dirty, forbidden and immoral thing she'd do to, and with him. If he ever hesitated, she'd explain what his signature on that contract really meant, and that realization would provide the extra leverage she'd need to make him compliant.

The instant the front door shut her hands were on him. She began undoing his shirt and dropping it to the floor. She wanted to see his body, his toned, young and very resilient body.

As she watched his chest become exposed she bit her lip in approval. She was growing more excited and aroused, but not because he had obviously taken good care of himself and worked out. Oh, it was true that he was a very fine specimen of male species, but what had her anxious were the thoughts of how she would soon push his body to its limits, and how soon he'd be decorated with the permanent marks and scars signaling his devotion to her.

James' lips found hers and he began to kiss her passionately. She could feel how much he wanted this in the intensity of his kiss and roaming hands.

Despite having decided that James would be rewarded tonight, Angella knew the importance of setting the tone. She would let him enjoy himself, but he also needed to understand her needs always came first. Furthermore, when she decided she wanted sexual satisfaction he had to learn that he shouldn't waste her time by slowly working up to touching her more intimately. She wasn't some school aged girl with dreams of finding her prince. She was a confident woman, comfortable with who she was and what she wanted. From this day forward, when her body wanted pleasure, he had only one job.

Angella reached down and took one of his misguided hands. He'd been busy touching her side and back in a way some would consider affectionate. She firmly moved his hand down to her leg, under her skirt and then directly onto her very wet panties. She pressed his hand against her as she began to direct him in the way she expected to be touched.

Following her lead, James used his other hand to reach under her blouse and began rubbing her breasts through her bra. Out of nowhere James heard a sharp noise coupled by pain across his cheek. He looked up at her suddenly realizing he'd just been slapped.

Before he could ask why she'd done that he felt her hand in hair as she pushed and directed his head lower. Her free hand tore open her blouse and liberated her left breast from her bra. An instant later his face was being pressed against her exposed breast as her hard nipple poked at his lips. Holding him there like that almost felt like an invitation to breastfeed.

"Consider this your audition. Show me what your mouth can do and maybe I'll occasionally lay back so you eat my pussy instead of always being under me as I ride that handsome face of yours. Show me you possess some form of natural ability and you'll have earned your first freedom" she said.

James knew how much he wanted tonight, but upon hearing her talk and treat him like that, it made him want it more. He hadn't expected to, but there was a part of him that really wanted to gain her approval. He wanted to hear her say "good boy", as she praised him. He longed to be told he'd done a good job and that she was proud of him. He hadn't come back to her place tonight with that being a goal, but something deep inside him was challenging his carefully constructed plans.

James took her breast into his mouth as she reached down and pressed his hand back between her legs. He had stopped rubbing her when she slapped him so now she was offering him a simple reminder that she had needs he was expected to meet.

Angella didn't know if it was the two month build-up to this night, James' eagerness or his natural talent, but she had to admit her body was responding to everything he did in an unprecedented fashion. Simply sucking and biting her nipple had nearly caused her to cum twice already, and the throbbing between her legs was becoming unbearable as he touched her.

Angella wasn't willing to let James think he could make her cum on his own that easily, so she put a hand to James' chest and pushed him away. James was perplexed as he'd heard the lust fueled breathing and moans just seconds before, but he didn't say a word.

After a moment's consideration Angella took an aggressive step towards him, causing their bodies to be pressed together once more. He didn't fight as she pushed him to the ground and onto his back, her face never smiling or betraying the need he knew she felt.

Angella had intentionally neither touched James sexually nor taken his pants off, and she had no plans of rectifying either of those things at this moment. Instead, she stepped over him and placed a foot on his chest. With her other foot just above his head, James had little choice but to stare up into her skirt. Slowly and deliberately, Angella reached down and began lowering her panties..

Within moments James was given a very unique view of what the blogs had told him and what his fingers had already confirmed. Staring up at her, he couldn’t see Angella's pussy, as it was hidden behind a very full and dark bush. Despite having this prior knowledge, he discovered he was unable to look away.

Angella had expected more of a reaction from him upon seeing what her panties could barely hide. She always enjoyed the reaction guys had when they realized her bush was so thick that her pussy vanished within that forest. Yet, the fact he didn't openly react pleased her because it signaled he wanted her, no matter what..

Angella stepped out of her wet panties and dropped them on his face and over his mouth. Like a good boy he didn't attempt to remove them, and once more, that pleased her. She smiled as she asked, "Do you like what you see?"

James nodded and said, "I do", and he meant it.

Angella had heard the lie before. She knew what guys wanted so she tested him. "Why?"

James already knew the correct answer. Every guy that spoke about his time with Queen Angella said the same thing, which meant their "opinion" had been force fed to them. If he wanted to score points with her now his response needed to be, "because it's yours and it's what you want"; however, as he stared at the unkempt patch between her legs, another thought entered his mind.

Taking a risk James replied, "Little girls can't grow hair. Most women are crippled by the notion that guys only want young girls, so they pose and dress themselves up like one in hopes some guy will be fooled by the false fantasy they’re perpetuating. But you're not a girl. You're a woman. When I look at you, every part of you, especially your pussy, I want to know I’m looking at a woman. When your pussy is on my face, I don't want to be thinking about a girl, I want to know I'm eating a real woman's pussy. Most of all, I like that your pussy isn't like every other woman's, because you're not like any woman I’ve ever met."

Angella was taken aback. Since the day she first met James he had been surprising her and she'd been uncharacteristically drawn to him. He seemed almost too perfect. Initially she had thought he was attempting to play her to get her into bed, but when he never made a move, she was forced to reconsider his motives. But now, hearing that answer, she knew that she'd found someone unique. She didn't just like his answer, she loved it.

His reply deserved praise so she gave him a little smile and said "Good Boy". She had learned a long time ago that praise was only an effective tool when given out in very small amounts. She had witnessed time and time again how the scarcity of praise increased its value, thus allowing her to leverage its power better.

Her pussy continued to throb as her mind began to contemplate all the things she'd soon do with him as a willing and devoted toy. Not wanting to delay her own relief any longer she said "if it's a woman's pussy you crave, then you're about to get your wish"

On the way home Angella had decided she’d ride his face right by the front door and then send him home to masturbate once she’d cum. Sending him home was punishment for making her wait over two months for sex; however, his public declaration had earned him the right to engage in self-gratification. The thing was, that last reply made her question that plan as he once more proved himself to be a mysterious treat too delicious to go without.

Angella’s need ached inside her and it seemed foolish to deprive herself of pleasure any longer. Being the one in charge she could choose to punish him later, but she saw no reason to teach him a lesson about withholding sex by delaying it further.

Sliding her foot off his chest she pointed down the hall. In a tone which reflected the control they both knew she possessed she said, "Last door on the right."

James sat up and looked to where she was pointing as she added, "By the time I reach the doorway you will be on the bed, laying on your back…completely naked. Prove to me that you can be a good-boy and I may grant you the gift of knowing what it's like to be inside a real woman." She offered him a smile as she said, "Go....don't disappoint me"




James didn't waste any time. When she told him to go, he did just that. Jumping up he virtually sprinted down the hall. He didn't know how long she'd give him to get to the room and get undressed, but he didn't want to risk failing her test if she hurried after him.

James had been thinking about tonight ever since he'd seen her in the coffee shop that day and he couldn't let his plans be derailed. He'd become so obsessed with the thoughts of their first time together that his grades had slipped as he researched and prepared for it. However, if tonight went the way he wanted, it would all be worth it.

With his heart racing he reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a paper-clip, then he jumped on the bed and rolled to his back just as she appeared in the doorway.

Angella looked at him and smiled. Once more offering him a rare "Good boy."

She turned the light switch off and closed the door to her room behind her. With black-out shades covering the windows the room was completely dark and James couldn't see anything. His heart was already beating fast, but it sped up even more as he heard her walking towards him.

Angella didn't need the lights in her room as she knew where every little thing was. Being dark worked to her advantage and increased her control since he'd never know what she was about to do next. Having him so off balance, and helpless, turned her on.

Fewer things turned her on more than making a man helpless as she stripped the power away from him that he'd known his entire life. Even though she liked the way James looked at her, he hadn't earned the right to see her as he pleased her. Eventually he might prove himself worthy of that gift, but until then he'd have to be content with the brief view of her breasts and hairy pussy she'd given him earlier.

As James laid there he heard the light rustling sounds of clothing being removed just before hearing a drawer slide open next to the bed. He swallowed, purposefully not moving as his mind raced through all the things he knew she might be going for. He listened as she dug through the drawer, sliding things around before hearing the clinking sound of something metal being laid down. With neither of them making a sound, James felt the bed dip down as she climbed up to join him.

Angella straddled James' body and she laid down on top of him. Her lips found his and she began to kiss him passionately. As soon as she began to kiss him she ran a hand down his arms until she found his wrist. He didn't fight as she slowly pulled his arm over his head. Her tongue probed his mouth while cold metal closed around him.

James began to feel how wet she was as her pussy began to grind against his cock. The heat coming off of her pussy told him just how much she wanted him, and he wanted her to have him. When Angella broke her kiss and said "Give me your other hand", James didn't hesitate to lift his other hand over his head, placing his wrists next to each other.

Angella smiled to herself as she closed the handcuff around his other wrist, not only fastening his hands together, but to the headboard. She was always surprised at how easily guys were manipulated. The fact they lost the ability to think when their cock got hard was further proof that women were the superior beings. For James all it had taken was a hint of sex and a little grinding on his cock to have him willingly give up his last chance for control.

Angella had only ever let two guys be in charge during sex, and the last time she’d allowed it, the results were disastrous for her. After that experience she swore she'd never let herself feel out of control again and for over two decades she proved, time and time again, men were easy to dominate and control.

The formula for men was simple: make the dick hard and then even the most alpha male would agree to anything in hopes it’d get wet.

Angella fully believed that if more women understood the power they could have over men the world would be a different, and better place. Until that day of enlightenment, she'd continue playing men's games in the corporate world while making them submit to, and please her in private.

Angella broke her kiss and began to slide up his body. Her pussy throbbed knowing that in mere seconds she would test his potential. In her mind's eye she imagined him naked and restrained beneath her. Holding on to that thought she lowered her pussy to his face for the first time. Pinching her own nipple she softly purred, "Be a good boy and eat mommy's pussy".




James might have cum just from hearing her talk like that, but between her low voice and her thighs covering his ears, he couldn't make out what she said. The reality was, he didn't need dirty talk to motivate him to lick her. The mere feeling of her bush on his face was all the encouragement he needed to open his mouth and stretch out his tongue to taste her.

Her wet public hair coated his face and as she pressed herself onto him. Pushing her thick hair out of the way with his tongue, he opened his mouth, grasping for more. He pulled at the cuffs because he desperately wanted to hold back her hair and spread her lips so he could lick and savor her folds the way she loved; however, his struggles were in vain. No matter how he pulled at the handcuffs, they weren't budging, so he laid there, helpless under her womanly body as her scent filled his nostrils and her juices coated his lips.

Angella was amused by the fact every guy pulled on the handcuffs as if they'd give way. The whole point of handcuffs was to restrain someone and she didn't buy the typical sex-store fuzzy handcuffs with the quick release latch. She wasn't the kind of woman that wanted a kid's toy. She was the kind of woman that wanted to know that any guy she brought to her bed would stay put until she was done with him. Given the fact James had made her wait for over two months, she had every intention of leaving him like this, ready to please her, until the morning. Only after she'd fed him his special breakfast would she even consider reaching for the key she kept in the nightstand.

Angella pressed her pussy onto James' face more firmly and she felt his tongue finally part her lips. He sucked one lip into his mouth, taking the fold in before she felt his tongue trying to force its way up into her.

Angella spread her legs wider as she let more of her weight descend upon him, helping his tongue push further up in her.

Feeling like his tongue had gone in as far as it could, she lifted slightly and then descended again. She repeated this again and then again, feeling his tongue fuck her the best it could.

Angella groaned and squeezed her breasts, pinching her own hard nipples as she fucked his face. His tongue in her felt good, but it wasn't enough. She pulled her hips back as she rotated them and pressed down once more, forcing his tongue across her clit. Her clit nearly exploded as a bolt of lightning raced through her with that single touch. Angella couldn't contain herself any longer, so she reached down, and with one hand she grabbed his hair within her fist. Gripping it tightly she held his head in place as her hips began to rock and thrust.

Angella felt her orgasm building in her and she wasn't going to hold off. She rubbed her hairy cunt on his face and the fact he was trying so hard to lick, fuck and taste her with his tongue, like a good little boy, made her even hornier.

It only took a minute more before she felt her pussy clench and then explode with the first of the many orgasms she knew were to come. As her pussy exploded, she fell forward slightly, clutching the headboard as her pussy throbbed in one orgasmic wave after another.

James laid under Angella and it was all his tongue could do to keep up with her continued thrusting. He worked to keep up with her because he needed her to feel good and be fixated on how he was making her feel. James knew he both wanted, and needed, her mindlessly consumed by her lust, fully lost in the pursuit of her own pleasure.

James' cock was hard and straining for the pleasurable touch she still hadn't decided if she'd offer him, yet he leaked a steady stream of pre-cum, proof of his own need and dark desires.

James felt her lean forward, her weight pressing on him more, her hips continuously moving. As she bent forward, leaning into the headboard for leverage, she ground her hips so his tongue would focus on her needy clit. As she ground her clit into him more, he could almost feel it swelling in his mouth, while her ample, and very wet, bush enveloped his face.

Angella hadn't backed off her assault of his face when her second orgasm began to overtake her. James' tongue had needed a break so he'd just stuck his tongue out as she ground herself on it, and it was in that position she ground herself over the edge.

This time as she came James felt a small rush of liquid hit his tongue and run down the side of his face. Surprised, he stopped breathing, just for a moment.

James' cock jumped slightly as he felt the warm liquid running over him and he realized she had just squirted a small amount. In any other situation James would have assumed this was nothing more than her being really wet; however, the blogger he chatted with had informed James that two of her boy-toys could make her squirt. Recalling this, James’ heart beat faster as he began to contemplate what this would mean if he was joining that elite list.

After Angella's second massive orgasm, James had a small break in her relentless use of his face. During that break he tried to remember the conversation about squirting he'd had with the ex boy-toy, turned blogger. As he recalled, if Angella can be made to squirt, no amount of cumming is able to fully satisfy her after that. The intensity of that kind of orgasm meant that every other orgasm made her feel like she was "leaving some in the tank".

Initially James had believed the phrase “leaving some in the tank” was a colorful way of describing an incomplete orgasm or a strong desire to cum again and more completely. However, when James said that, the blogger corrected the foolish thought, and revealed another layer to Angella’s depravity.

James had listened as he was told that Angella didn't find relief by "emptying her tank" through masturbation, grinding, toys or more orgasms. Instead, she sought relief by rubbing her clit and pissing herself empty while atop the boy-toy who had made her experience that need. What sounded like a cute phrase was actually a very literal de***********ion of an act she apparently enjoyed..

The problem was, James had gotten the impression from their conversation that she couldn't possibly squirt until she'd trained a guy on how to please her properly. It'd taken both of her previous toys nearly three months before they made her squirt the first time. With that time-frame in mind, James had discounted those conversational details and he never factored it in as part of his plans for tonight.

James wanted to believe she hadn't squirted, but deep down he knew she had. His only hope was that, since her release appeared to have been small, then perhaps she wouldn’t be consumed by the same “incomplete” feeling a full blown squirting orgasm gave her. However, as his mind contemplated how the evening was panning out already, another sobering fact crept into his mind. As she pressed her pussy to his face once more he reminded himself that as long as he remained in the handcuffs, she could do whatever she wanted to him, or in his mouth.

If you'd have asked James three months ago what he thought about the prospect of being peed on, for any reason, he'd have flatly refused to consider it. Yet now that he was confronted with the very real possibility, he strangely didn't feel scared. There was something about submitting to Angella that changed his natural instincts. And while things weren’t going quite the way he had planned, for some reason, just knowing he was giving her what she wanted made things ok. In fact, the idea that she was pleased with him filled him with pride.

Angella's heart beat fast as she came for the fifth time. No one had ever made her cum and react like this, it was almost as if his tongue, and likely his entire body, was made to fit together with hers, as if it was designed to please her in some perfect way.

The first time she squirted she hadn’t been sure if that’s what it had been, but the second time she felt the pool of fluid in her building up and releasing, she could no longer deny the obvious. Building to her third squirting orgasm she started to debate whether she could really "empty her tank" with him, this soon and without a signed contract. However, when she heard him cough and choke as she squirted in his mouth, her desires darkened and she longed to give him a proper taste.

Angella's mind began to consider things she normally wouldn't do this soon, but James was special. James was light-years ahead of where he should be, so why should she limit herself to simple face fucking and jerking off tonight? She let go of the headboard and took his hair in her fist once more and she tilted his head back. Her mind was racing with possibilities so she decided to offer her new toy another test. This simple test would not only distract her from the feeling of unfulfilled release which was building within her, it would also reveal to her more about his potential.

Lifting herself off of him, she scooted forward a little as she reached back to spread her ass-cheeks. Holding her cheeks open she lowered herself just enough that her ass lightly touched his face. Instantly she felt his head lift and his tongue on her asshole. Just like everything else with him, that single touch caused pleasure to coarse through her.

She had offered him her ass, but hadn't forced the issue to see what he'd do. His eager tongue hadn't let her down, and even now she felt him exploring and licking as much of her ass as he could reach. She recognized the hunger and need as he strained to lift up, in an effort to get more of her.

As his tongue explored her ass she relaxed her legs and pressed her ass more firmly to his face. If he wanted her ass that badly, then she would let him have it.

She had expected him to lick her harder and more furiously now that he could more easily reach her, but that didn’t appear to be enough for him. Angella's pussy spasmed when she felt his hungry and desperate tongue stiffen and force its way into her. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wider so she could sit down more completely on his face, thus allowing him to penetrate her dark hole as deeply as biology would allow.

She could tell that his actions were driven by his own need and in response, she moved her hand to her clit, touching herself the way her need demanded. With the fog of arousal overtaking her, she decided that even without a signed contract, he was ready for more.

Angella became lost in everything she was feeling, but it wasn't his tongue in her ass, or her fingers on her clit which sent her over the edge this time. The trigger for her latest orgasm had been the thought...."I'm not leaving anything in the tank, and my good little boy will swallow every drop"




James didn't know how long he'd been handcuffed to the bed or how many times he'd made her cum, but neither seemed to matter. Angella appeared to be a never ending fountain of desire and need, not to mention the literal fountain she'd filled his mouth with, twice. It was an understatement to say that she was like no other woman he'd ever been with. and despite him not having his own orgasm, he felt strangely ok with it.

Angella began needing longer breaks between her whole body orgasms the more the night went on, and during those brief moments of rest, James' mind wandered to their future together. He knew going into tonight what she might do, but he also knew that nothing they had done compared to what would occur in the weeks ahead. He knew that part of her process was to break him of every dominant impulse he had and she would ensure he would be eager to please her, no matter what she asked.

If she followed her normal training routine, his first real challenge would come the day they visit a married couple she was friends with. While at their house that evening they'd notice a basket of laundry in the den, seemingly left there by accident. Angella would ask him to search through the laundry to find a dress and pair of panties he thought was sexy. Once he found them, she'd demand he put them on, in front of everyone. After praising him for being obedient she would fuck him with the strap-on she used for pleasure, not the one she used to punish him. While she fucked him the husband would make a comment about getting hard watching this, and that would be Angella's queue to ask James if he’d be willing to help his new friend out. Angella would stop fucking James and join the wife on the couch. Under the watchful eye of two women, they would witness James go to his knees to stroke, and suck, his first cock..

Every toy assumed that was the end of her test, but they were wrong. The following day they'd return to the couple's house under the guise of retrieving the strap-on she left behind. Once inside James would once more find himself wearing the same sexy outfit while on his knees in front of the husband. The difference with this visit would be that James’ panties would be pulled aside as the two women watched the husband satiate his need using James' "pussy".

Having passed that test, and shown he accepted that level of control over his life, her toys usually believed there was little else she could do to surprise them. That confidence would then be ripped away as the next challenge would be darker, requiring an entire weekend to complete.

Ignoring the subtle variations in each scenario, the core of her next test was as follows. One Friday night a friend that worked at a vet's office would need to leave town last minute. With no one else to turn to, she'd ask if Angella could stop by to feed and walk the animals being boarded there.

Angella would take James with her to help, and as part of a roleplay, he'd walk into the vet’s office on all 4's while wearing a collar. Once inside she’d *********** the animals for him to walk. As he returned them to her, sometimes she’d place a dog in the large kennel in the corner, instead of returning it to the kennel it came from. After all the dogs were walked James would be sent into the large corner kennel with a fresh bowl of water, only to have Angella shut the door behind him.

By returning the padlock to the door he would understand that despite her leaving it unlocked, he was not to leave. If he accepted that, she’d inform him that all the dogs in that kennel were males which hadn’t been neutered. Next she’d open the door and let in two more dogs, casually mentioning that his latest roommates were in heat..

Speaking quickly she’d tell him that her friend would get fired if either of the females went home pregnant, so it was up to him to ensure that both bitches were satisfied as often as she needed and that every male in that kennel was so drained he couldn't impregnate a bitch if he tried. As a way of helping him, she’d slip enough viagra, and other stimulants, through the chain link fence to get him through the next 40 hours. To let him know how seriously she took this, the last thing she’d do is tell him that if he refused, or if either female became pregnant, their relationship would be over.

Upon leaving Sunday afternoon, she'd take him to a pet store so he could pick out his own puppy. Despite the assurances he’d give to the owner, James would understand that, under no circumstances, was his new pet to ever get fixed.

Angella would make him promise that his dog would grow up seeing James as its sole outlet for its every sexual urge. However, a more important dynamic was actually at play. By taking on this arrangement, James would continue proving his devotion to Angella, years after she’d discarded him. In fact, she followed up with every one of her toys that earned a puppy, one year after she terminated their relationship. To the blogger’s knowledge, only one guy had chosen to cut off his pet’s urges through surgery, and the blogger proudly admitted, he was not the traitor..

Intermixed between all of this, Angella would train him with object insertions, chastity belts, intentional blue-balls and hypnosis therapy. He'd learn to love his toilet training, orgasms caused by pain and fire-play sessions. After these things, and so much more, the idea of being branded wouldn't faze him; in fact, he'd welcome another mark of devotion to her.

In less time that he could believe possible, she'd have him worshiping her for everything she did, and he'd gladly hand over everything he owned to her if it'd make her happy.

James had always doubted the claims that such devotion and acceptance could be achieved by anyone, but seeing how he had responded to her already, he was beginning to believe he too could become swept down her river of seduction.

Licking his lips, James tasted Angela’s arousal again, causing pre-cum to once more dribble down his cock. Laying there in the dark, he patiently waited for his next opportunity to please her.




Angella's body was covered in a sheen of sweat, virtually from head to toe after the near endless waves of orgasms she'd experienced that night. She hadn't cum that hard, or so many times, in a very long time, and yet somehow, she still wanted more. James had proven to be worth the wait, and now that they had crossed the sexual line, she was plotting to do things with him she hadn't felt her other toys were ready for. His immediate acceptance of everything she'd done told her that the levels of depravity she'd strived for in her toys were only weeks, not months, away.

James' cock had remained hard through most of the night, which she verified by touching it periodically. However, when she reached down this time it was only semi-hard. She felt the familiar slickness of pre-cum which now coated her hand, and she knew he'd soon grow to love the feeling of unfulfilled need.

For the first time since he'd been handcuffed to the bed, she began to grip and stroke his cock. When he recognized her touch as more than just a quick arousal check, his cock quickly re-stiffened. desperate for more.

She couldn't help but smile as she heard him groan and then gasp at her touch. No matter how he felt now, in the coming weeks she’d teach him what true desire felt like. Toying with his cock she bit her lip deviously and her mind wandered down the list of things she wanted to do with him, once he signed her contract..

Her pussy throbbed once more as she stroked him, her own body reminding her that the need rising up within her needed to be taken care of. Answering her need’s call she moved her hand from his cock to her own swollen clit. As her body jumped at the touch, she began to contemplate, if perhaps, he had finally earned a true reward for his devoted, eager and very thorough attention to her body.

She placed her hand back around his cock, combining the juices from her pussy with his pre-cum to create the only lube nature had ever intended.

Feeling her wet hand, and knowing that she was rubbing herself on him, James' cock dribbled pre-cum yet again. By this point James was so lost in his own need that he couldn't have lost his erection if his life had depended on it.

James was almost embarrassed by the fact he could neither control how aroused he was nor limit his growing need to please her. Even this simple touch from her hand felt like ecstasy, and as much as he wanted to blow his load so he could show her how much he loved her touch, her hand was not the part of her body he wanted surrounding him..

James felt Angella's grip tighten around his cock as she squeezed him harder and she could hear him trying to control his breathing.

"Does my good little boy want to cum?" she teased.

"Yes, but not yet" he said through ragged breaths.

Angella gripped him tighter and pumped his cock harder, "Not yet? Why not? Have I not teased you enough?"

James groaned as she stroked him and he finally said, "You have, and I desperately need to cum, but I've not pleased you enough to earn my orgasm"

Angella's hand stopped momentarily. "Oh? Dear boy, tell me more"

Angella's hand resumed stroking him and she could imagine the strained look on his face as he fought to hold back what she knew was a long overdue orgasm. Truthfully, she hadn't planned on making him wait this long to cum, but everything he did felt so good that she hadn't been willing to stop just so could experience relief.

James tried to center his thoughts as he said "You came to bed and immediately ground yourself on my cock. You left my cock wet, I felt it, so I know you must want that and more. You've let me please you so many times already, but I've yet to make you cum the way you first sought. Let me fix that mistake, let me fulfill your every need. Please...."

Angella almost laughed "My boy thinks he's clever. You want to fuck me, but you're trying to convince me you're only thinking of me and my need?" She lowered her face down to him as she said, "I'm not that easily fooled. But I tell you what, I will offer you a compromise"

James felt her get off the bed and then return a moment later. There was a slight tearing sound and then he felt something cool around his cock as she gripped it. Angella ran her hand down and around his cock and almost immediately his cock felt different.

Moving back on the bed, Angella straddled his hips. James felt her pussy press against his cock, but it didn't feel as intense as he knew it should. Whispering in his ear she said, "I am going to let you please me with your cock, because you're right, I do want it. But you won't be fucking me, I'm only going to grind on you. And since you tried to manipulate me, you’ll be wearing a condom lined with desensitizing gel while I use you to cum. Just so you know, I was prepared to let you enjoy your orgasm, but not anymore. I hope this small punishment will help you remember...your pleasure is found by pleasing me"

Angella began to move her hips more furiously against his cock, and despite the thick condom and numbing gel, he still felt like this could make him cum. Angella began breathing harder and she pressed her body against him, her breasts now flat against his chest. Once more she groaned, and in his ear she whispered, "My boy really does want me, doesn't he? I can feel your cock swelling and those are the groans of someone close to orgasm. Now, let me make this clear….”. Her voice intensified as she said, “Do not cum. I forbid it. If you disobey and cum, without my permission, you will regret it, that’s a promise."

Angella was breathing harder as she worked her pussy against his tortured cock. She moved in ways she hoped would make him cum because the thought of him being punished for disobedience turned her on even more. She ground herself down on him, the head of his cock pressing against her opening, nearly slipping into her wet abyss before she’d slide along his shaft, not stopping until his balls pressed against her sensitive clit.

The truth was, she wanted him inside her and having him so close was driving her insane. She was quickly becoming lost in her own body's reaction as she felt the next orgasmic wave building. As much as she loved his tongue, she could tell that this next release would take her to an even higher level. While she anticipated that release, Angella silently prayed that orgasming on him would push him over the edge too because, in that moment, she couldn't imagine anything sweeter than being given a reason to subject him to his first true punishment.




James listened as Angella's orgasm drew closer. By now he'd heard her cum enough times that he knew the signs. Knowing she was both distracted, and in the position he’d been waiting for, he slowly began moving his hands down towards her hips.

For six weeks James had known she'd handcuff him to her bed, but he’d also known which store she purchased her sex toys from. He had visited that store and found two types of "real" BDSM handcuffs, so he purchased both. For the past month he practiced freeing himself from each model, using only a paperclip on the simple locking mechanism. With that skill mastered, James knew he could leverage the dark bedroom and Angella's own orgasmic bliss against her.

While she’d been swept up in her own pleasure he quietly loosened both handcuffs. He knew he had to keep them on in case she touched his wrists, but ever since she experienced her second orgasm, his hands had been technically free. For all except the first 10-minutes they’d been in the bedroom, James had wielded the power to stop or prevent her from doing more. Instead of putting an end to her use of his body, he’d willingly chosen to please her, in increasingly taboo ways, as he waited for the perfect moment to act.

Actually, that wasn’t entirely true. She had presented him multiple opportunities over the course of the night in which he could have sprung his plan, but for some reason, James had never acted on those opportunities. He could justify his inaction a thousand different ways, but anytime the thought, “why didn’t I?” came into his mind, he pushed it aside with a non-committal, “it wasn’t the right time”.

Angella was just about to cum again when she felt James' hands on her ass. It took her a moment to process what was wrong with the new sensation, but just as she put it together he gripped her waist and started to roll.

Having caught her off guard, James was able to knock Angella to her side and then to her back. Once there, he seized control by positioning himself on top of her.

"Hey!" Angella screamed, and she reached up to hit James. Her hand made contact with his body, and that was her first mistake as now he knew exactly where that hand was. Grabbing her wrist he pulled it over her head and then down to the bed. In one quick motion he pushed a handcuff closed, looped it back around and then over her wrist, tightening it as far as it'd go. Shocked and confused, Angella made her next mistake by reaching her free hand to her cuffed one in an attempt to stop him. Her other hand carelessly placed right where James wanted it, he clasped a cuff on her other wrist, leaving her restrained and attached to the headboard before she could fully register what was going on.

James sat up and leaned over to the bedside table to turn on a lamp. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he saw the drawer to the nightstand still open with the various condoms, sex toys and lube she used on her play-things. Scanning the area he smiled when he located the only thing capable of ruining his plans. With the key to the handcuffs in the bottom of the drawer, well out of her reach, James took a moment to collect himself mentally.

James was brought back to reality as he felt, and heard, Angella pulling against the handcuffs with all her might.

The metal bit into her wrists causing Angella to finally understand why every guy struggled so much. They didn’t struggle because they didn't understand how handcuffs worked, they were simply in disbelief as to their current situation. They wanted to believe they could get free, and their mind couldn't accept they were actually helpless until they first proved it to themselves.

"James, let me go, right now. Right now you hear me? I do not consent to this!" she yelled, pulling on the handcuffs once more.

The need that had burned in James all night welled up into him anew. He ran his hands down her body, feeling her breasts, stomach and pussy. As he touched her she thrashed around on the bed and James had to leverage his own body weight to hold her in place.

As James laid on top of her, Angella felt his hand go lower once more She moved and thrashed under him more violently as he put a knee between her legs in an effort to pry them apart. Once more she yelled, "James, no, stop! Stop James! I do not consent to this! I do not give you my consent!"

James didn't say anything but instead he used his hands and both legs to force her knees open further. Try as she may, she knew she couldn't win. She'd cum too hard and too often that night, and that had left her exhausted. In contrast, James had expended much less energy and his testosterone fueled need gave him an even bigger well to draw from.

She began to panic and was afraid of what he might do so she softened her voice and tried pleading with him. "Baby. It was wrong of me to make you wait so long. You want to cum don't you? Then let me help. Undo me and I'll make you cum any way you want. Ok? Just....undo my hands.....undo them and then you can....."

Angella had no intention of actually following through on anything she said, but she still tried to bargain with the young man whose hand was probing her pussy. When his fingers left her bush, for an instant she thought she’d gotten through to him; however, the truth was, he had only touched her so he could locate his target. Looking into her eyes, he guided his cock to its destination.

As the tip of James' cock touched her pussy she cried out, "No you ca......" and then she gasped sharply. James struggled to keep his eyes open as he groaned, because he wanted to look at her while he felt his cock finally descend into her very wet pussy.

James placed his hands on her shoulders to help hold her in place, deepening the sense of helplessness she now felt. As James began to move his hips, he growled, "now it's my turn to do what I want" and then he thrusted into her...hard.

Angella couldn't stop herself from moaning as she felt him fill her up. It'd been so long since she'd let a man be in charge so she wasn't used to thrusts and movements she didn't control. She had no choice but to lay there, and feel his cock go in deeper, pull out, deny her and then push in again, all without warning. He wasn't fucking her the way she'd have made him do it, and that was the problem. Seeing as she couldn't anticipate his erratic movements, her body was constantly, and pleasantly, off-guard. Despite her mind's objections, her body responded to each thrust with the same intensity and need it had responded to him all night.

James had been inside her for less than a minute when Angella felt her own orgasm building once more. She had been on the cusp of cumming when he grabbed her ass and it'd taken surprisingly little effort to bring her back to that point again. She didn't want to cum this way, with him in charge. She couldn't allow him to think he could control her, do as he pleased or that her body wanted this on some level. Desperate, she tried to bargain with him again....

As she panted, willing her orgasm to not betray her, she cried, "James please, think about this. You can't. This is rape. Just stop, free my hands. I'll ride you all night, I'll make you cum however you want, as many times you want. Don't do this. Not like this. Please, be a good boy, be my good boy, do it for me, please, don't ...don't let this be rape....Please you must st....."

James ignored her begging as he thrust himself into her so hard it actually hurt as his cock slammed into her cervix. While he was in her, as deep as he could possibly go, he cried out, "I'm....ahhhhh" as he began to cum

James didn’t move, trying to stay as deep in her as possible. He had just unleashed the largest torrent of cum he'd ever had in his life, due only in part to his delayed orgasm that night. The real reason for the size of the orgasm, which now left him light-headed, was the fact he’d been bringing himself to the point of cumming, four times a day, for the last two weeks. Now that he had finally given himself permission to cum, he discharged the intensity, and need, of 14-days of edging, into her.

As Angella felt his cock convulse and spasm deep inside her, she felt something unfamiliar. Her body had understood what happened before her mind had, and her body responded to that knowledge by cumming with him. Against her will, Angella’s pussy gripped his cock impossibly tight, her insides pulsing, throbbing and milking his cock, trying to suck him in even deeper.

Once his balls felt empty and drained James pulled back and stood up. Angella’s pussy was still contracting even after he withdrew, as if it was trying to pull his cock back to the place it belonged.

Angella couldn't believe what had just happened, but disbelief was quickly being replaced by fear. She was afraid to look at him, but she had to know for sure. As he stood next to the bed she forced herself to look down at his body, and when she did, her suspicion was confirmed.

She found herself staring at his still hard cock. It was wet and glistened in the light, but as she watched a small drop of cum form on the tip, she couldn’t help but notice that there was no condom to catch that drop. Horrified, she cried, "What did you do? I'm not on the pill you fucking moron!"

James cut her off as he said, "Oh you're not. Then I guess it'd be even a bigger problem if you were ovulating."

Angella spat at him saying, "Yeah it would be but I'm......" and then she froze. She mentally started thinking back to her last period and James watched as her expression changed. Fire hit her eyes as she hissed, "You son of a bitch, you best hope that I don't...."

James looked back at her as he reached for his clothes, "What? Get pregnant? Oh that would be a shame wouldn't it? After all, you're deeply and morally opposed to abortion aren't you? That's why you're not on the pill. After all, your body can eject a fertilized egg while on the pill, and that's a form of abortion to your very legalistic mind isn't it? So.....I guess there's no morning after pill for you either. " As James pulled his shirt down over his head he sarcastically added, "Don't worry, I'm sure what happened to Sharon wouldn't happen to you, I mean, you're next in line to be offered a partnership at your firm, so they obviously value you."

Angella started to speak but froze once more. She'd never mentioned Sharon to him, so how had he known? Sharon was one of the few regrets that Angella had in her life. When Sharon and her husband decided to start a family, Sharon inexplicably became the victim of a downsizing effort at the firm. Angella knew that no reduction in staff was needed, but she had still chosen to testify in support of her company at the "Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Hearing" because there would be a promotion available if Sharon permanently stayed home with her baby.

Angella pulled on the handcuffs and thrashed around on the bed as she screamed at him. "You're dead. You're dead! You hear me? I'm gonna come after you so hard you won't know what hit you. Getting raped in prison will be the least of your problems when I'm done with you. I'll ruin you! You hear me James? You fucked up and now I'm gonna fuck you....."

James finished putting on his clothes and he looked unphased by the threats she screamed at him. He looked down at her, restrained on the bed, and almost laughed. "Really? You're gonna fuck my life up? Sorry, that ship has sailed. I'm just evening the score"

Angella looked at him confused and screamed, "So you admit this wasn't consensual and you what? Lashed out in retribution? Retribution for what?" Then she scoffed, "So it's an insanity or scorned lover plea you're after? Seriously, if that's the best you've got then your ass is's mine!!!!"

James was ignoring her as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He held it up and said, "Smile" right before she saw the light from the flash.

Angella couldn't help but laugh in disbelief. "You really are stupid! That's evidence now, You stupid dumb fuck. How dumb can you be? You're making my case for me. Just wait until....."

James started for the door as he calmly said, "Dumb?" He shrugged. and then said, "Maybe making bad decisions is in my blood"

Angella pulled against the handcuffs again, the metal now cutting into her skin as she yelled out, "The fuck? You can't be fucking serious. You can't leave me like this! You can't leave! Get back here!"

A smile crossed James' face as he said "I can't? I thought walking out when you're helpless was exactly the kind of thing I should do." Before she could start yelling again he pulled out his wallet and removed a piece of paper. The action was so bizarre she just stared at him, watching as he walked back to the bed. Almost reverently James laid the paper down next to her, and in the same sweet voice he had always used with her, up until a few minutes ago, he said, "You can have this, I like the new one better"

Without looking back at her he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.




Angella laid in bed, stunned, bewildered and pissed off, her blood running hot as the last few minutes raced through her mind again and again. She began to thrash on the bed once more, hoping to somehow get free, but it was no use. However, during her struggles the paper James laid next to her had moved. With nothing else to do, she sat up and twisted as much as she could in hopes of making out what other evidence he'd left behind to incriminate himself.

Once she was able to get a good look at the paper, she realized it wasn't a piece of paper at all, it was a picture. It took Angella a minute to process what she saw but suddenly she remembered.

The picture he'd left was of her and an old boyfriend, back when she was in college. She recalled that he had begged her to let him take "just one picture". Reluctantly she finally agreed to the one, and only, picture of her during her pregnancy. A few weeks after that picture was taken she had told her boyfriend that having a baby would derail the plans she had for her life. Then she argued that the pregnancy was entirely his fault because he didn't pull out or wear a condom like he promised, so she couldn't be expected to suffer for his willful and premeditated malicious decision.

Hoping she’d change her mind in time he agreed to raise their son, Michael, by himself. However, that wasn’t enough for her. With her future potentially at risk,she decided to twist the knife further. Getting into his face she told him, in very legal terms, how she would make sure he was convicted of rape if he ever decided to tell their son who she was. With that threat he knew that he’d lost her forever, and the once ambitious man was broken.

Angella felt sick as realization swept over her. Suddenly she understood that she'd been attracted to James so quickly because he strongly resembled the only man she'd ever loved. And as she thought back to James' speech at dinner, it suddenly took on a brand new meaning. While she looked at him in the eyes, he had told her that ever since her last period he had planned to fuck her tonight, the very night she started ovulating. He'd also made it clear that he'd chosen to get to know her before fucking her, and that he wanted her desperation to fuck him to burn their every lustful deed into her memory forever. He had laid his entire plan out for her, but she hadn’t noticed..

Replaying the events of the night over in her mind once more, her pussy began to throb at the memories, and she found herself aching for his mouth, his tongue and his cock once more. Becoming swept away in those thoughts, for a moment she wished her hands were free so she could touch herself. She longed to use the memory of how he made her feel, of all they'd done and of all the things she still wanted to do with him, as fuel for her fantasies and her never ending need.

Even though she couldn’t touch herself, those memories were enough to cause her love canal to tighten. Having finally experienced his cock, her pussy now felt empty with him gone. Her nipples begged to be touched as her pussy throbbed. Closing her eyes she imagined riding his face once more which only made the orgasm building within her stronger. Biting her lip she moaned, unable to back away from the orgasmic cliff she was speeding towards, but then the reality of who he was, and what he'd left inside of her, came rushing back.

Turning her head, she threw up.




Michael James Lewis got into his car preparing to drive off as the sun slowly rose in the morning sky. He took one last look at his mother's house and a part of him ached over the realization he'd never see her again. On some level she had filled a void he'd always had, which is why he probably fought so hard to please her. He also knew most people would call what he did incest and rape, but that's not how he viewed it. He'd never known his mother. He'd spent his entire life believing she was dead, only to discover she'd abandoned him, forcing his dad to give up on his dreams while he raised the son she didn't want.

No, what James had done wasn't incest, his mom was dead. Nor was it rape for all he'd done was provide a selfish woman the chance to re-live the mistakes of her past and chose a different path. This time she’d have no one to blackmail into raising her child for her because she could never risk anyone discovering who the father really was. For that same shameful reason, she'd never make good on any of the threats she had screamed at him as he stripped control away from her.

Unless Angella was prepared to be forever branded as the woman who handcuffed her son to the bed and fucked him, she would be forced to live with whatever happened next. It wouldn’t matter how many interviews she gave or how often she explained that she was the victim, most people would believe that “should have known”, or worse, she had known.

No. No matter how badly she wanted to punish James, she would never be able to admit, to anyone, what had actually occurred during these last 12 hours.

James pulled out his phone and looked at the updated picture he had of his mom. This was how he wanted to remember her....helpless, alone and used. He felt good knowing that, in some small way, his dad would receive vindication for all he’d given up over the years. Angella had made it clear, years ago, that her career was all that mattered, but James had just seen to it that her dreams of being made partner would vanish the moment her stomach grew.

James put the car in gear just as he finished typing her address into a text message along with the note, "Don’t call, just come over. The door is open''. Hitting send he pulled out onto the street, knowing his dad wouldn't be awake yet, but that was ok, their reunion had waited this long, what was another few hours?




James' father had forgotten to charge his phone the night before so it was nearly 3pm before he saw his son's cryptic message. His father reluctantly went inside the strange house and was about to leave, having not seen anyone home, when he heard a noise.

Following the sound he walked down the hall and slowly opened the door. Instantly he recognized the woman handcuffed to the bed, but he still questioned, "Angella?"

Angella's voice had gone hoarse as she had been screaming for help for hours, but she still managed to croak out, "The key" as she nodded towards the open drawer.

Obediently, James' dad stepped towards the woman he once believed he'd grow old with. Getting closer he found himself unable to look away from the hair between her legs, wondering why she'd gone from waxing bare to 1950's vintage bush. While he questioned that change he noticed the crusty mess in her pubic hair and on the sheets below . Realizing what the white stain had to be he was about to ask her what had happened, but then he saw the photo next to her.

Reaching down he picked it up and just stared. He hadn’t seen this picture in years. Regardless of how betrayed he had been by Angella, he’d been unable to throw it out. Eventually he shoved the photo in an old shoebox because he had to leave Angella’s memory behind and put his son first. It hadn’t been easy to move on, but he’d done it, and the first step had been to start calling his son James, instead of Michael, like she had wanted.

He had to put his son first.

…his son…

He looked up from the picture and back to the dried cum on Angella’s pussy. A smile touched his lips and he couldn't keep the laugh from his voice as he said, 'Like father, like son"




Angella sat alone in her apartment, once more pondering the decisions in her life. Her daughter was due any day now, and once she was born, she'd have to resume her job search.

Just as James had hoped, her law firm dug up a single accounting irregularity and used that as justification to let her go. However, once they claimed she falsified her time an ethics investigation was opened up against her by the legal board. Once that was launched, the law firms she applied to stopped returning her calls.

The one thing James hadn't counted on was Angella's willingness to remain in control.

During the hours she had been handcuffed to the bed, she had grown increasingly sick by the idea she could be pregnant by her own son. When her ex walked in the room she saw a solution.

After he set her free she asked if he’d wait for her to take a shower, because they needed to talk. Fifteen minutes later she joined him in the den, still completely naked. Sitting next to him on the couch she took a deep breath and said, “I need you to fuck me. Now”..

He couldn't believe his ears, but Angella was insistent. She even drew up a very quick contract and signed it, removing him from all parental and financial responsibilities should their actions create any lasting consequences.

She knew this was a dangerous gamble because there was no guarantee she was even pregnant. However, she found herself begging him to fuck her, without protection, for the rest of the weekend. She knew that if he did that, she'd almost certainly end up with a baby inside of her, but it also meant she could tell herself that James wasn't the dad. Since the two men looked similar and shared DNA it would be nearly impossible for her to ever say, for certain, who fathered the child, and given the circumstances, doubt was her best option.

A tingling in her pussy brought Angella out of the thoughts she'd be lost in. Pregnancy hormones had made hornier than ever, so for the seventh time today, she slid her hand between her legs. She knew the relief wouldn't last, but that was ok, her orgasms had become quicker, and more intense, the closer she came to her due date.

Her need exponentially grew and she bit her lip while looking at the picture on top of her nightstand. Having decided there was no reason to run from her past any longer, she had framed the picture James left her.

Staring at the young man in the picture she moaned, longing for his touch and cock once more. As her orgasm was about to peak she closed her eyes. She pictured his face in her mind as she started to cum, and in the fog of her own ecstasy, she wasn't sure if the face she imagined belonged to her college boyfriend or the student in the coffee shop.


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